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Quotes for
Big Boy Wilkinson (Character)
from My Dog Skip (2000)

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My Dog Skip (2000)
Big Boy Wilkinson: Not a bad run Willie, for a sissy.

Willie Morris: Where are we going?
Big Boy Wilkinson: You know who's buried here, don't you?
Henjie Henick: My uncle's buried here.
Big Boy Wilkinson: [pushes Henjie] No, stupid. The witch. The witch of Yazoo.
Willie Morris: That's just an old wives' tale.
Spit McGee: That's what you think, buster. She was a genuine witch. Everybody knows she used to lure men to her house just to kill them. Why she even let her cats lick their bones after she got done with them.
Big Boy Wilkinson: That's until she got killed herself.
[Willie blinks]
Big Boy Wilkinson: You sure you wanna be one of us?
Willie Morris: I guess.

Big Boy Wilkinson: Deserters, puppy dogs and now girls. Guess we were wrong about you, Willma.
Willie Morris: Skip's lost. We gotta find him.
Rivers Applewhite: Won't you help us find him?
Big Boy Wilkinson: 'Won't you help us find him?'
[Spit giggles]
Willie Morris: Listen, Skip's missing. We're gonna find him. You wanna help? Fine. You don't, you can stick it up your big fat butt.
Big Boy Wilkinson: Who said I didn't want to help? Let's go.
Willie Morris: Okay. Spread out. Look everywhere and ask everyone.