Felix Woods
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Felix Woods (Character)
from Get Over It (2001)

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Get Over It (2001)
Felix Woods: You know that song "Pocketful of Dreams"?
Band Member: Down here we call it "Pocketful of Ass".

Felix Woods: Hey grabby hands, step away from the sister.

Felix Woods: Just keep an eye on her man. 'Cause some of those theatre guys, they have a reputation of being kinda...
Dennis Wallace: Gay?
Felix Woods: See, now that's what they want you to think.

Felix: Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?
Kelly: Don't worry Felix I'm handling it.
Felix: No, you're being handled by leather pants over here, there's a difference.

[Berke and Felix talking on phone]
Berke: So whatcha doin?
Felix: Nothing, just watching Chester screw the rubber tree.
Berke: What, is that some kind of expression?
Felix: No, we're babysitting my aunt's dog for the weekend, it's some... kind of... hormonal imbalance...?
[tilts head]
Berke: Wow.

Dennis Wallace: [talking about Berke's ex-girlfriend] Who marries their high school girlfriend, anyway?
Felix: And don't say Macaulay Culkin.