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Bentley 'Striker' Scrumfeld (Character)
from Get Over It (2001)

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Get Over It (2001)
Berke Landers: Striker I'd be careful with that accent if I were you. Because You're beginning to sound a lot like Mary Poppins.
Striker: Look I don't know what you are blathering about but if I were you...
[get's up in Fosters face]
Berke Landers: Are you wearing makeup?
Striker: That's it... careful Landers I do believe that you are trifling with danger
[takes out nunchucks]
Berke Landers: Who keeps nunchucks in their pants?

Striker: I don't even know what you're doing here Landers, but if some guy dazzled his way into my ex-girlfriends fancy I'd be doing the same thing... only I'd have a bigger part.
Berke Landers: [nonchalant] You dropped your sword.