Nancy Coplin
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Nancy Coplin (Character)
from Flirting with Disaster (1996)

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Flirting with Disaster (1996)
Nancy Coplin: Does anybody actually own a white Taurus, or are they all rentals?

Agent Tony: Do you mind if I look at your armpit?
Nancy Coplin: My armpit?
Agent Tony: It's my favorite part of a woman's body.

Nancy: Where'd you get the pup tent?

Nancy: No thanks, I'm not hungry.
Mel: Come on, Nance, you're always hungry.

Mel: [to Agent Tony] You got a lot of nerve. You come in here, you lick my wife's armpit. You know... I'm going to have that image in my head for the rest of my life with your tongue in there.
Nancy Coplin: You deserve it.

Tina: Do you worry about the risk factor involved in gay sex?
Agent Paul: You know, it may be news to you, but not every gay man has, uh, anal sex. That's where a lot of the HIV risk lies.
Agent Tony: For example, I'm very anal. Uh, I-I mean, in, uh, in the sense... that I'm compulsively careful and clean about what touches my body. Not into penetration, at all.
Mel: Okay, do we have to talk about this right now?
Nancy Coplin: Well, why not? Are you a homophobic?
Mel: No, I...
Nancy Coplin: I think it's interesting.
Mel: Really? Well, I think in front of the baby we shouldn't.
Agent Paul: Nancy's just testing the risk factor for sex with Tony, Mel.
Mel: What?
Agent Tony: Paul, don't patronize her.
Agent Paul: I'm not patronizing her.
Agent Tony: She knows that I came of age in the era of AIDS... and even though I'm bisexual I've been incredibly careful, okay? Tested negative three times in the last seven months.
Nancy Coplin: Really?
Agent Paul: Runway ready for takeoff.
Agent Tony: If I remember correctly. Yeah, three times.