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Big Mike (Character)
from On Deadly Ground (1994)

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On Deadly Ground (1994)
Big Mike: Hey, Cupcake, what the fuck you think you're looking at?
Forrest Taft: Nothing much at all.

[Forrest has challenged Big Mike to a hand-slap game]
Big Mike: OK. I'll play your game, if you play *my* game.
Forrest Taft: I'll play your game afterwards if I'm still standing. 'Cause I might not be. 'Cause you're a tough guy, you're a man, and you've got big balls.
Big Mike: Ok. Ok.
Forrest Taft: Here we go, Mr. Big Balls.

Drunken Eskimo: Buh... buh... buy a drink?
Big Mike: Listen to me you yellow snow eating, welfare collecting, redskin piece of shit, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!
[shoves the eskimo to the ground]
Oil worker: [to Drunken Eskimo] Wanna smoke, too?
Big Mike: Huh. Dances With Whiskey!

Forrest Taft: [after beating Big Mike on the hands slap game] What does it take, what does it take to change the essence of a man?
Big Mike: I need time to change... I need time.
Forrest Taft: I do too.