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Quotes for
Wayne 'Mad Dog' Dobie (Character)
from Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

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Mad Dog and Glory (1993)
[Mad Dog is in a happy mood and singing]
Mike: What, you got laid last night?
Mad Dog: I don't get laid, I make love.

[Glory catches Wayne counting money in the bathroom]
Glory: How much am I going for?
Mad Dog: About $40,000.
Glory: Is that all?
Mad Dog: Knocked down from 75.
Glory: I must be out of season.

Mad Dog: Fight me for her!

Mad Dog: I'll be right back.
[goes to get some twinkies, for a colleague]
Mike: You're killin' him, Mad Dog... Get him some Melba toast.

Mad Dog: It's the first time I pulled out my gin in 15 years. I pissed on myself.
Mike: You know why? Because you're a sensitive, intelligent indivdual.
Mad Dog: You ever piss on yourself?
Mike: Look, I would'a walked in there and drilled the red-eyed little bastard, and that's just the way I am. On the other hand, if I ever had an intelligent thought, I would die a lonely guy. It all evens out, you know what I mean?
Mike: Look, if that ever happens again, the best thing is to have sex.

Frank Milo: Are you married?
Mad Dog: No. No, not personally, no.