Debra Barone
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Biography for
Debra Barone (Character)
from "Everybody Loves Raymond" (1996)

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Debra Barone is the wife of Ray Barone and the mother of Ally and twins Michael and Geoffrey. Debra grew up in a well-off family, traveled a lot after college, dating several famous men in the world of sports, and worked in public relations with the New York Rangers hockey team. Then she met Ray, got married, had children and became a full-time housewife. The new role stresses her out. She is not entirely secure with how good she is at it, and it doesn't help that her mother-in-law Marie constantly reminds her that she's terrible at it. Marie is the quintessential housewife -- a good cook, a tidy housekeeper -- and she sees Debra as the opposite.

Debra and Ray have a loving relationship, but much of their time is spent arguing primarily over Ray's mother's intrusion into their lives and Ray's unwillingness to help take care of things around the house. Debra rarely shows her distaste for Ray's mother and other family members' barging into their home and causing problems, but instead complains privately to Ray, usually in pretty colorful ways. Given his job, Ray often spends time sitting on the couch watching sports, leaving all the household duties to Debra, which she does not appreciate. She also doesn't like that Ray avoids talking about serious matters, instead cracking jokes or watching sports on TV. This often leads to the couple having a long conversation each night in bed before they go to sleep.