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Quotes for
Roy Boy (Character)
from Canadian Bacon (1995)

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Canadian Bacon (1995)
RCMP Officer at Headquarters: I don't know what you're talking aboot, eh?
Kabral: Aboot! It's ABOUT! And what's with this 'eh' business?
Roy Boy: [pointing a gun] We have ways of making you pronounce the letter O, pal.

Roy Boy: How come you never see any black guys playing hockey?
Kabral: Now do you think it's easy to just gradually take over every professional sport? Let me tell you something, man. Brothers have started figuring out this ice thing. Hope you enjoyed it!

Roy Boy: I want to call the American embassy!
Boomer: All I said was "Canadian beer sucks!"
[riot intensifies]
Kabral: People! People! Can't we all just get along?

Roy Boy: Are you sure we're in Canada?
Honey: You smell anything?
Roy Boy: No.
Honey: Exactly. Canada!

[the Mountie explains that Honey has been taken to the capital]
Boomer: The capital Toronto.
RCMP Officer at Headquarters: No, the capital of Canada is Ottawa.
Boomer: Yeah, right. Do we look that stupid? Ottawa!
Roy Boy: Nice try, Dudley.

Boomer: There it is, men. Toronto.
Roy Boy: It's beautiful. Like no other city I've ever seen. It's like Albany. Only cleaner.

Roy Boy: You ever see The Dirty Dozen?
Boomer: That was a cool movie.
Roy Boy: Man, that was real cool.
Boomer: Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Ernest Borgnine...
Kabral: Jim Brown.
Roy Boy: Uh, Telly Savalas, Clint Walker...
Kabral: Jim Brown.
Boomer: Trini Lopez!
Roy Boy: Cool.
Kabral: Trini Lopez? I never could figure that one out, man. What in the hell was he doing in The Dirty Dozen, man? If I was putting together a group of murderers and cutthroats, Trini Lopez would not be in the starting lineup.
Boomer: That's why he dies first.
Roy Boy: Yeah, don't they all die?
Boomer: They all don't die.
Kabral: Jim Brown dies.
Roy Boy: Hey man, what do you expect? Of all The Dirty Dozen, this black guy's supposed to sneak in behind enemy lines and pretend he was a Kraut? Ugh?
Boomer: Uh-huh?
Kabral: That's not it, man. It's just the black guy always dies. Think about it, man. Unforgiven, Alien, Rocky 4, The Shining...
Roy Boy: Star Trek 2, Forrest Gump, Witness...
Boomer: Annie Hall! Not Annie Hall...
Roy Boy: No, Night Of The Living Dead.
Boomer: That's the one!
Kabral: And what about that brother in Jurassic Park, man?
Roy Boy: Oh, that was cool.
Boomer: There was two black guys who died in that one! That was a twofer! You must be really pissed off at that one!
Kabral: I'm telling you, man. The black guy always dies first.