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Quotes for
Puff (Character)
from Human Nature (2001)

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Human Nature (2001)
Puff: Mother...
Puff's Mother: Yes, Derek?
Puff: It's a pleasure to meet you mother, but I'm an ape, like dad was, and I have to go back into the woods now... forever.

Puff: Apes don't assasinate their presidents, gentlemen!

Puff: Words are evil!

Puff: I'm an ape, mother. Apes don't drop lines.

Puff: [... ] There is indeed a Paradise Lost. Human beings have become so enamored of their intellectual prowess that they forgot to look to the Earth as a teacher. This is hubris, my friends!

[first lines]
Lila Jute: I'm *not* sorry.
Puff: I *am* sorry.
Nathan Bronfman: I don't even know what sorry means anymore.

Puff: My name is Puff. I am a perfect gentleman.

Puff: Words are evil. Are they not evil, these words we use? Hmm? Does anyone know the definition of simultagnosia? I meant to look it up before Lila saved me.
Nathan Bronfman: The inability to perceive elements as a component of a whole.
Puff: Thank you, thank you. My pleasure. Don't mention it. Good to see you again. Stop!

[last lines]
Gabrielle: You remind me so much of Nathan.
Puff: Like father, like son.
Gabrielle: Plus, so much of my little mongrel doggy.
Puff: woof! Let's go eat, I'm starving.
Gabrielle: French?
Puff: Yes.