Lila Jute
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Lila Jute (Character)
from Human Nature (2001)

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Human Nature (2001)
Nathan Bronfman: Remember, when in doubt, don't ever do what you really want to do.
Lila Jute: That's the key.

Louise: I fall in love with a man - his mind, period.
Lila Jute: There's a limit.
Louise: No, period. End of sentence. End of paragraph. Close the book, we're done. Give me a man with intellect... I could care less about the packaging. You don't fuck the packaging.
Lila Jute: Yeah you do.
Louise: You fuck the mind, Lila, you fuck the mind. Period. Close the book, end the sentence, close the whatever.

[first lines]
Lila Jute: I'm *not* sorry.
Puff: I *am* sorry.
Nathan Bronfman: I don't even know what sorry means anymore.