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Quotes for
McSquizzy (Character)
from Open Season (2006)

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Open Season (2006)
McSquizzy: Is this a private fight or can anybody join? Because McSquezzy wants in.
Boog: Good, 'cause we're gonna need your nuts!
Elliot: And your acorns, too!

McSquizzy: That was just a warning, alright? Try it again, I'll be kicking your furry, brown bahookie!

McSquizzy: Oy, you late for Sunday school? This is McSquizzy's turf. Nobody messes with McSquizzy, coz that's me!
Boog: What?
McSquizzy: Touch a needle on this tree, and I'll give you such a doing!
Boog: You and what army?
[an army of sqirrels appears]
Squirrels: Oy!
Boog: Oh, that army.

McSquizzy: Aw, Mister Happy didn't go off.

McSquizzy: Ged off my trees ya buck-toothed sporran!

McSquizzy: Mess not with the Fuzzytail Clan, protectors of the weak, crusaders of the righteous, guardians of the pine.

[while Boog and Beth are hugging each other]
Reilly: What's he doing?
McSquizzy: Is he not gonna maul her?
Elliot: No! She's his mom! She's taking us home.
Porcupine: Every buddy?