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Quotes for
Shaw (Character)
from Open Season (2006)

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Open Season (2006)
Shaw: How far does this conspiracy go? How many animals are in on it? God bless America! I hope the bald eagle hasn't turned!

Shaw: It walks... like a man!

Shaw: [enters his cabin and looks in his refrigerator] Somebody's been eatin' my candy!
Shaw: [sees his overturned chair] Somebody's been sitting in my chair!
Shaw: [goes to his toilet] Somebody... FORGOT TO FLUSH! Aaargh!

Gordy: Shaw, open season isn't for three days. What is that buck doing on your hood?
Shaw: It ain't my fault. I hit him while driving.
Gordy: Where, on the interstate?
[flashback to Shaw veering off the interstate and hitting Elliot]
Shaw: [chuckling] Sorta.

Shaw: Don't trust him. Pets are double agents. the moment you turn your backs, he'll shiv you.
Bobbie: Oh, no he can't. We had him fixed.