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Quotes for
Sam Hendrix (Character)
from Wait Until Dark (1967)

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Wait Until Dark (1967)
Susy Hendrix: Bye, dope.
Sam Hendrix: Bye, dope.

Susy Hendrix: Sam, are you looking at me?
Sam Hendrix: Yes.
[Susy sticks her tongue out at him]

Sam Hendrix: [Susy calls his studio] Hendrix here.
Susy Hendrix: [mocking his tone] Hendrix here too.

Sam Hendrix: Susy, is that you?
Susy Hendrix: No, Batman!

Susy Hendrix: Do I have to be the world champion blind lady?
Sam Hendrix: Yes!
Susy Hendrix: [turns around] Then I will be. I'll be everything you want me to be.
Sam Hendrix: I don't want you to be anything other than Susy.

[last lines]
Sam Hendrix: You're doing fine, just fine!
Susy Hendrix: [crying joyfully] Oh! Sammy!

Susy Hendrix: You know there was a murder around here last night? They found the body this morning. A lady from Scarsdale. I heard it on the radio.
Sam Hendrix: So?
Susy Hendrix: What if I get chopped in little pieces and dumped in the river? Little tiny pieces that nobody could possibly recognize as having been a poor defenseless, little blind lady whose husband was off in Asbury Park. You're not listening, Sammy.
Sam Hendrix: Sure I am. Why don't we get some light around here? They're always finding bodies in New York.
Susy Hendrix: Not in the parking lot practically next door, they don't.
Sam Hendrix: You're making it up, Susy.
Susy Hendrix: No, I'm not. I promise. I told you I heard it on the radio. Really, I did.
Sam Hendrix: Come on Susy.
Susy Hendrix: [pause] The police don't have the first notion who do it. Pretty spooky, don't you think, Sammy?
Sam Hendrix: Tell you what I think. I think it's a ploy to make me stay home.
Susy Hendrix: Well, there was a murdered woman found from Scarsdale and that's a true fact.
Sam Hendrix: And you're afraid for your life, that's a true fact?
Susy Hendrix: No, but it was worth a try.