Mike Talman
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Mike Talman (Character)
from Wait Until Dark (1967)

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Wait Until Dark (1967)
Mike Talman: Damn it, you act as if you're in kindergarten! This is the big bad world, full of mean people, where nasty things happen!
Susy Hendrix: Now you tell me.

Carlino: We don't work safes.
Roat: I know. But you talk. And that's why you've been invited to this party. To talk you way into that big black safe, Sergeant.
Mike Talman: There's a locked closet in the bedroom.
Roat: Oh, no, not there. It's just clothes.
Mike Talman: How do you know?
Roat: I looked.
Mike Talman: You have the key?
Roat: It's on the ledge above the door.
Mike Talman: No it isn't.
Roat: Well, they must have taken it with them.
Mike Talman: They lock the closet, but don't bolt the front door?
Roat: They're strange people; they lose dolls.

Mike Talman: And you? What's your favorite toy?
Roat: [pulls out a mini statue] Geraldine.
Carlino: What does she do?
[a large blade comes out horizontally from the feet of the statue]
Mike Talman: And may we have Geraldine on the table too?
Roat: No, we may not.
Carlino: Why the hell not?
Roat: Because she's the referee.

Roat: Aren't you forgetting something?
Mike Talman: We just earned the money?
[Talamn opens the door and begins to walk out]
Roat: I mean fingerprints.
[Talman stops and closes the door]
Roat: You just signed your names all over this place.
Roat: [Carlino begins wiping off finger prints off banister] Hmmm. Even if you could remember eveything you touched it would still take hours to wipe em off wouldn't it? If not days.

Mike Talman: You want something?
Roat: You, Mr Talman and you too, Sgt Carlino.

Roat: May we have weapons on the table?
Mike Talman: We'll have explinations first.
Roat: Well, it goes back a little.
Mike Talman: So, go back a little.
Roat: All right. Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess named Lisa.

Mike Talman: You're a good, strong lady, Susy Hendrix.
Susy Hendrix: World's Champion blind lady.
Mike Talman: Oh, yeah, you're all that.

Carlino: What did she say?
Mike Talman: I told you, she just left a message.
Carlino: Happy days are here again?
Mike Talman: Ah, we'll see.

Mike Talman: The doll, Susy. Where is it? Where did you find it?
Susy Hendrix: Well that's the silly part, Mike. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. I should've remembered ages ago.
Mike Talman: That doesn't matter. Where is it?
[behind Mike, Roat and Carlino silently walk into the apartment]
Susy Hendrix: You'll think I'm such a fool when I tell you.
Mike Talman: Look, Susy, don't complicate things. Just give me the doll, and then Sam will be safe.
Susy Hendrix: You're right, that's what's important. If anything happened to Sam...
Mike Talman: Susy, where's the doll?
Susy Hendrix: I'll get it for you. Would you give me the key ring that's on the nail by the ice box?

Susy Hendrix: You wait here, Mike. I'll be right back.
Mike Talman: [grabs her from running into Roat and Carlino still standing sliently by the front door] Wait a minute! Where are you going?
Susy Hendrix: To the studio. To Sam's studio. That's where it is.
Mike Talman: How do you know the doll's at his studio?
Susy Hendrix: Gloria just told me. You know, the little girl with the groceries. She went over there earlier today to do an errand for Sam, and she saw it. And heard it. It played a little tune.
Mike Talman: Are you sure about this?
Susy Hendrix: Yes, positive. If it hadn't been for that awful Sgt. Carlino hounding me, I could've told you earlier.
[Mike looks behind Suzy at Carlino and Roat still standing silently in which Roat mouths silently that Suzy stays while they go get it]
Mike Talman: Okay, Susy, fine. I'll go get it. Where's the studio?
Susy Hendrix: Just two blocks away. 78 West Eighth Street. It's on the top floor. And the desk is in the far corner, away from the windows. It's a big old thing with a roller top. You know the type I mean, with cubbyholes and pigeonholes and...
Mike Talman: Yeah, I know the kind you mean.
Susy Hendrix: It's in the left hand drawer, the doll. Gloria said so.
Mike Talman: Susy, I'm gonna ask you once more and this is no time for mistakes. Are you sure the little girl saw the doll at Sam's studio? Are you sure this is all true?
Susy Hendrix: I'm saving my husband's life, aren't I Mike?
Mike Talman: [walks out with Carlino and Roat] I'll be right back. You stay put. Make yourself a cup of hot coffee or something.
Susy Hendrix: Whatever you say, Mike.

Mike Talman: All right, how long have you known? When did you figure it out about me?
Susy Hendrix: You've been to Sam's studio?
Mike Talman: Yeah, that's right.
Susy Hendrix: And there was no doll?
Mike Talman: More fun still, there wasn't even a desk.
Susy Hendrix: Poor Sam. He really should have a desk.