PC Mark Mylow
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PC Mark Mylow (Character)
from "Doc Martin" (2004)

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"Doc Martin: The Portwenn Effect (#1.4)" (2004)
Dr. Martin Ellingham: He locked me in his compound.
PC Mark Mylow: He locked you in?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Well, there was a key but I didn't know it. I felt he forced me to have dinner with him and Anthony the squirrel.

PC Mark Mylow: That's easy for you to say - you haven't got my problem. You haven't got a date with the woman of your dreams.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Who's that?
PC Mark Mylow: Louisa.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: What makes you think that?
PC Mark Mylow: Think what?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: That the woman of my dreams... Louisa. Louisa is the woman of your dreams.

PC Mark Mylow: Peter, I could arrest you for criminal damage. But I was thinking, Bob in the lifeboat house has some woodworking tools. Maybe you and I could spend some time in there? Make a few bird tables?
Peter Cronk: [considers the suggestion for a moment] I'd sooner be arrested.

PC Mark Mylow: If you don't mind me saying, I think Portwenn's having an effect on you.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Then you won't mind me saying that I don't carry multivitamins, but luckily for Stewart you do.

PC Mark Mylow: I hope you don't mind me saying, that was a good call you made today. What you did with Stewart. I think the village'll appreciate it.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Then you won't mind me saying that I don't carry vitamin tablets but luckily for Stewart, you do.
PC Mark Mylow: What?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Your, um, enlargement tablets. Ascorbic acid, d-alpha tocopherol, prydoxine... they're multivitamins.
PC Mark Mylow: They can't... that's not ethical.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: You'll get over it. Big boy.

PC Mark Mylow: I'll be right here if you need me. Hi, Stewart!
Dr. Martin Ellingham: I need you in there.
PC Mark Mylow: Technically I can't bring him in on a 136 unless I find him in a public place, that's the mental health act.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Why didn't you tell me?

Dr. Martin Ellingham: [finding the stray dog sitting outside the surgery] I thought you were going to...
PC Mark Mylow: I know. He got out. Had a good lawyer.

"Doc Martin: Going Bodmin (#1.1)" (2004)
PC Mark Mylow: You depressed?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Aw no, I've antagonized half the village, buggered up a marriage, and crashed my car. Why would I be depressed?

"Doc Martin: The Family Way (#2.6)" (2005)
PC Mark Mylow: I've got some news.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: What?
PC Mark Mylow: You'll never guess...
Dr. Martin Ellingham: I don't have to.
PC Mark Mylow: Go on. Try.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: No.