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Stewart James (Character)
from "Doc Martin" (2004)

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"Doc Martin: The Portwenn Effect (#1.4)" (2004)
Stewart James: I've gone over the top, haven't I?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Yeah.

Dr. Martin Ellingham: The pills old Doctor Sim used to give you. You were taking them weren't you. Did they help?
Stewart James: Kept me just this side of Bodmin.

Stewart James: Magicians, these chemists.

Stewart James: You must be Doc Martin.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: It's Dr Ellingham, actually.
Stewart James: Yeah, I heard you prefer your proper title. I thought surgeons prided themselves on just plain Mr.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: I'm no longer a surgeon.

Dr. Martin Ellingham: For the record, unless you're incapacitated you should come in to the surgery.
Stewart James: I can't really leave here during the day.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Let's hope you don't need a doctor then.
Stewart James: So it's true.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: It's true I don't appreciate having my time wasted if that's what you mean.
Stewart James: A man of your talent. Famously sharp mind. Portwenn must come as a bit of a shock. I bet half the village came in when you opened up just to see what you'd done with the place.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: They did.
Stewart James: Then there's the agressive unhelpfulness of that receptionist, oh, what's her name?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Elaine?
Stewart James: Yeah Elaine. And those girls. Those girls that just hang around giggling all the time.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: You're very perceptive.

Stewart James: Portwenn should come with a handbook.

Stewart James: They can't make good coffee there, it's just brown water.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: In my experience, you can get brown water from the tap.

"Doc Martin: Out of the Woods (#2.7)" (2005)
Dr. Martin Ellingham: And what about, uh, your friend? What's his name? The big squirrel?
Stewart: Come on, Doc. I don't see Anthony anymore.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Good. That's good. It sounds like you've made a complete recovery.
Stewart: Yeah. I threw him out. He was taking me for granted.