Pauline Lamb
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Pauline Lamb (Character)
from "Doc Martin" (2004)

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"Doc Martin: The Apple Doesn't Fall (#3.1)" (2007)
Dr. Martin Ellingham: I want a word with you.
Pauline Lamb: Let me guess. "You're fired".
Dr. Martin Ellingham: That's two words.
Pauline Lamb: But I am though, aren't I? That is so unfair. I told you...
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Phlebotomy.
Pauline Lamb: What?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Phlebotomy.
Pauline Lamb: I don't know what that means.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: You clearly don't have a problem dealing with blood. I want you to go on this course. It's in Truro next week. They'll show you how to find a vein, how insert a needle into a patient, and how to draw blood for nurses. I'll tell you who to bleed, but, uh, you'll be in charge of the actual bleeding.

Pauline Lamb: I just told him what it said on the website.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Which website was this, I-keep-forgetting-I'm-just-a-receptionist-dot-com? If anyone has a medical problem, refer them to me. I'm the doctor.

"Doc Martin: In Loco (#2.2)" (2005)
Pauline Lamb: Don't forget you've got the school thing today. If Louisa Glasson gets it there's a bit of a party later at the Crab.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: What happens if she doesn't?
Pauline Lamb: No-one in Portwenn will talk to you.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: I can live with that.

Dr. Martin Ellingham: Pauline, get PC Mark Mylow on the phone. Tell him there's a dangerous dog on the loose. I want it caught and put to sleep.
Pauline Lamb: Put to sleep?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Destroyed, Pauline. Killed. Sent to that big doggy basket in the sky.

"Doc Martin: Better the Devil (#4.1)" (2009)
[talking about her brother whose snoring is keeping her awake at nights]
Pauline Lamb: They shouldn't have kicked him out of the Army for snoring. They should have kept him in and used him as a weapon of mass destruction.

"Doc Martin: Driving Mr McLynn (#4.4)" (2009)
Pauline Lamb: Let me take you somewhere, right now.
Al Large: Where?
Pauline Lamb: To apologize to Louisa. You said she was fat.
Al Large: No, you said she was fat.
Pauline Lamb: No - I said she was obese.

"Doc Martin: Old Dogs (#2.1)" (2005)
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Pauline, I can't have patients' records filed under their first names.
Pauline Lamb: It was good enough in Newlyn.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Well, what kind of surgery was it? A vets?
Pauline Lamb: Still a surgery.