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Curtis (Character)
from Maximum Overdrive (1986)

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Maximum Overdrive (1986)
[seeing the trucks circling around the truck stop]
Connie: Oh my God. "When we get to that truck stop, everything will be alright." Oh, yes...
[laughs softly, mockingly]
Connie: [Curtis shifts the car geer into drive]
Connie: What are you doin'?
Curtis: You see that gap? The next time it comes around, I'm gonna shoot right through it.
Connie: No you don't! They'll gang up on us and squash us!
Curtis: I can do it!
Connie: All so we can be inside where they are?
Curtis: What do you think's gonna happen to us if we stay out here?
Connie: [pauses, then softly] I'm scared.
Curtis: Me too.

Curtis: We gotta get some gas.
Connie: That's good, because I got to go to the ladies room.
Curtis: Can I come in and watch?
Connie: No, you cannot come in and watch!
Curtis: Damn.