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Quotes for
Hendershot (Character)
from Maximum Overdrive (1986)

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Maximum Overdrive (1986)
Joe: What do you think happened here?
Hendershot: Fucked if I know, Bubba. Fucked if I know.

Bill Robinson: You really going after Deke, man?
Duncan: Yeah.
Bill Robinson: Look here, how many fingers you see, huh? Eight? Twelve?
Duncan: Okay, so I got a little double vision, but it's clearin' up Bill. I gotta find my boy! I gotta! Anything could be goin' on out there! Chrissakes!
Hendershot: You leave here without punching out... and you ain't never gonna have to punch out again, Bubba.
Duncan: Good! You leave me alone you fat fuck!
Hendershot: [grabs him] Why you...
Bill Robinson: Don't! Leave him alone.
Hendershot: Or what?
Bill Robinson: Or I'll knock your teeth in... Bubba!

[watching the trucks circle the truck stop]
Hendershot: Mosta them god damn things got no right t'be runnin'! They s'posed to be depoted!

Hendershot: I don't give a ladybug!

Deke: Bill, where's my dad?
Hendershot: [casual tone] Oh, your dad got scrubbed by one of 'em big boys out there earlier today. Tough break, kid.
Brett: You unbelievable shithead!
Hendershot: [oblivious] What? What'd I do?

Hendershot: Fuckin' truck's supposed to be depoted! That was depot du jour!