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Bhuvan (Character)
from Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)

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Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)
Gauri: You think I don't see which way the Ganges is flowing?
Bhuvan: Oh, pity me, I feel the pain of the scorpion's sting. You're jealous!
Gauri: [gasps] Why should I be jealous? Jealousy is beneath me.
Bhuvan: You're jealous, and I know who you're jealous of.
Gauri: I never want to see you again, and don't even try and talk to me.

Bhuvan: Whether you support me or not, Kachra will play.

Gauri: Guran read my fortune today.
Bhuvan: Really? What's the misfortune then?
Gauri: So cruel? I won't tell you.
Bhuvan: Oh come on.
Gauri: He said I'll put henna on my hands this year - I mean get married.
Bhuvan: That's great! Who's the lucky boy?
Gauri: How would I know? But Guran did say that the house I marry into will have a neem tree in the yard. It will also have a big field beside it, some chickens, two cows, and three goats. What about you?
Bhuvan: I'd have to marry someone my mother likes.
Gauri: Someone your mother likes?

[Gauri is walking away in tears, Bhuvan shouts after her]
Bhuvan: Hey Gauri! There's only one house in the village with a neem tree in the yard. There's also a big field beside it. There's some chickens, two cows, and three goats. And I know whose house that is! It's mine, you silly girl! One thing before you go. Mother likes you, too!

[the other villagers are refusing to let an untouchable join the team]
Bhuvan: Let me remind you all of one thing: this is not a game we are playing for fun and entertainment - this is a fight we must win.

[the other villagers are refusing to let Kachra, an untouchable, join the team]
Bhuvan: Whether you support me or not, Kachra will play.

[Guran is coming in to bat]
British Team Member: Coming from the jungle?
[men laughing]
British Team Member 2: Make way!
[men laughing]
British Team Member: Don't get too close, Smithy!
[men laughing]
British Team Member 2: What on Earth is he doing?
Capt. Russell: This way, sir.
[men laughing]
Col. Boyer: What an extrodinary stance! It looks as if he's riding a horse!
[Guran hits a six by hitting the ball twice]
Col. Boyer: Well struck, sir!
Capt. Russell: Umpire, he can't do that. It's not cricket.
Bhuvan: Guran, hit the ball only once.
Guran: Okay.
Guran: [hits the ball DOWNWARDS while doing some leg movement] Hail Hanuman, the Mighty Ape!
Rajah Puran Singh: THAT'S called Kicking The Horse!
[men laughing]
Col. Boyer: Indeed!
[men laughing]

[watching British play Cricket so they can learn, and they see the Umpire stick his finger up]
Tipu: Why is he pointing up?
Bhuvan: That's what I'M trying to understand.
Guran: Maybe he's calling for his Ma. She's sitting up there, eh?

Bhuvan: Where's Gauri?
Jigni: She's gone.
Bhuvan: Where? Why are you glaring at me like that?
[Jigni walks off]
Bhuvan: What the hell have I done now?

Bhuvan: [singing] Listen, O, my friend... what's this fear you have? This earth is ours and so is the sky...

Goli: Will our dream ever come true? No, Bhuvan. It hurts too much to dream like that.
Bhuvan: Have faith, Goli. He who has truth and courage in his heart shall win in the end.