Al the Boss Angel
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Al the Boss Angel (Character)
from Angels in the Outfield (1994)

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Angels in the Outfield (1994)
[last lines]
Al the Boss Angel: We're always watching.

Roger Bomman: I'm glad you're here! I was afraid no one was going to show up today, since everybody knows about the angels.
Al the Boss Angel: Nobody's coming. Championships have to be won on their own. It's a rule.
Roger Bomman: Then why are you here?
Al the Boss Angel: [gestures to Clark] I came to check up on Mel. He's coming up soon. Going to be one of us.
Roger Bomman: You mean he's...
Al the Boss Angel: Ah, he's smoked for years. Always a mistake. He's got 6 months left, doesn't even know anything's wrong yet.
Roger Bomman: No!
Al the Boss Angel: Oh, don't you worry. He's well taken care of. You concentrate on your own life now. We are expecting great things from you kid. We'll all be watching, you remember that.
[slowly dissolves away]
Al the Boss Angel: Even though you can't see us, we're always watching.

Roger Bomman: Who are you?
Al the Boss Angel: Just call me Al. No one can see me or hear me but you.

Al the Boss Angel: [to Roger as he drinks his Coke at a game] Please don't drink me.