Ari Haswari
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Ari Haswari (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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"NCIS: Bête Noire (#1.16)" (2004)
Ari Haswari: [after Ducky tries to get him to take the stairs] You tried to trick me, Doctor Mallard.
Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard: It *wasn't* a condition!
Ari Haswari: It is *now*!

Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard: Surely, you understand the power of phobias.
Ari Haswari: [exhales] Butterflies.

Ari Haswari: She slept in a coffin?

Ari Haswari: [after Kate drops off the evidence, he sneaks up behind her as she approaches the elevator] When did lab rats start carrying Sig Sauers?

Ari Haswari: You any good with this gun, Caitlin?
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: Give it back and I'll demonstrate!

Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: I don't know how you came in.
Ari Haswari: In a body bag.
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: Same way you're going out!

Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard: [after Kate's failed attempt to attack him] Uh, could you give me a go?
Ari Haswari: I think not, Doctor. You would kill me *without* hesitation.

Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: [Ari shot Gerald in the shoulder] You bastard!
Ari Haswari: You seem like such a bright young woman and that's all you can say?
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: You *fucking* bastard!

"NCIS: Reveille (#1.23)" (2004)
Gibbs: [entering the NCIS morgue to meet with the terrorist Ari Haswari, opens a body bag containing Marta's body, one of Ari's partners] She was beautiful.
Ari Haswari: Very.
Gibbs: [noticing that Ari is unmoved] Did you make love to her and then blow her brains out?
Ari Haswari: She would do the same to me.
Gibbs: Why do you do this?
Ari Haswari: The same reason you do.
Gibbs: I don't think so.
Ari Haswari: Then you're lying to yourself.
Gibbs: What now? You go back to the Middle East? Tell them that Marta was Mossad and she blew the op?
Ari Haswari: Yes.
Gibbs: Two out failures in a row. I'd axe your ass if you worked for me.
Ari Haswari: People who blow themselves apart to kill their enemies have lower expectations.
Gibbs: How do you sell Marta as a double agent?
Ari Haswari: My men the FBI permitted to escape, they know the effort I put into this operation, buying Smokey Sams, kidnapping Agent Todd so I could identify Marine 1, and when they search Marta's apartment they will find money and documents traceable to Mossad. Hamas will believe me. Al Quaeda is more wary.
Gibbs: They don't believe you, you're dead.
Ari Haswari: Yes. And if they do I may learn what they plan as the next 9/11. Would you risk losing that opportunity over pride?
Gibbs: [wanting revenge] It's not pride.
Ari Haswari: If not pride then what? Love of country? Sense of duty? I'm sure they exist in you, but what burns is pride my friend. Shalom.
Gibbs: [as Ari leaves Gibbs shoots him point blank in the shoulder, just as Ari did with Gerald earlier] Just wanted to help you convince Al Quaeda.
[Gibbs leaves calmly while Ari laughs at Gibbs resolve]

Missile vendor Mark: Nice bike, Mr. Craig.
Ari Haswari: It's a motorcycle. A bike is something one pedals.

Ari Haswari: [while pouring wine] It's a very nice Chardonnay, Caitlin. And almost perfectly chilled. I wish you'd taste it.
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: Let her taste it.
Marta: I don't drink.
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: That's right. Muslims don't use alcohol.
Ari Haswari: Well, not at home.
[winks at Kate]

Ari Haswari: Women should never get involved in politics. It's a waste of beauty.

"NCIS: Twilight (#2.23)" (2005)
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Protection detail's over, Kate.
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: You did good.
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: For once, Dinozzo's right.
Agent Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: [stands up] Wow, I thought I'd die before I ever got a...
[gunshot is fired hits Todd in the head and she falls to the ground dead. Blood sprays on DiNozzo and Gibbs]
Ari Haswari: [on distant rooftop, coldly] Sorry, Caitlin.
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: [his gun drawn, looking around in horror] Ari.

Ari Haswari: [after telling Gibbs he's on a mission to kill him] What would you do in my place?
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Kill myself.
Ari Haswari: [laughing] Sorry I think not. It's the one part of my religion that I subscribe to.

"NCIS: Kill Ari (#3.2)" (2005)
Ari Haswari: I need you to commit suicide with your own rifle. You never did give me enough credit in our game. I knew it was a trap before Ziva to me you asked her to cover you. You'd never trust Ziva, and you need to kill me... taste the sweetness of revenge.
Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: I've killed enough men in my life, Ari. It's going to be just as sweet watching you die!

"NCIS: Kill Ari (#3.1)" (2005)
[first lines]
Ari Haswari: [after Agent Todd is shot] Sorry, Caitlin.