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Ernie Yost (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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"NCIS: Call of Silence (#2.7)" (2004)
Gibbs: Come on, Corporal. Let a Gunny buy you dinner.
Ernie Yost: You... you were never an officer?
Gibbs: Oh, hell no.
Ernie Yost: I knew there was something I liked about you...
[he throws a haymaker at Gibbs's face, Gibbs ducks with a grin]

Ernie Yost: They took my license away.
Anthony DiNozzo: How come?
Ernie Yost: Got old. It's a fatal mistake. But I can fly anywhere for free. But... I, uh, I don't have anybody to visit any more.
Anthony DiNozzo: I'm sorry. What a waste. How'd you score a sweet deal like that?
[Yost pulls out his Medal and shows it to Tony]

Gibbs: McGee: he says he's been reporting this to 9-1-1, can't get anybody to believe him.
Timothy McGee: Gee, what a surprise.
Gibbs: Trace the call, I want to hear one of them.
Timothy McGee: On it.
Gibbs: Kate: he's a former Marine, probably WWII. Corporal Ernest Yost. Dig up his SRB.
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: Got his Social Security number?
Gibbs: They didn't use them for serial numbers when he served.
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: So how am I supposed to get his SRB without his serial number?
Gibbs: Well, Kate, you could ask him.
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: Gibbs, I doubt that he could remember his shoe size...
Gibbs: [barks an order] Corporal Yost!
Ernie Yost: Yo!
Gibbs: Serial number!
Ernie Yost: 3-3-0-0-9-0, *sir*!
Gibbs: [to Kate] Or, you could just look him up under Medal of Honor recipients.

[last lines]
Ernie Yost: And you were never on Iwo Jima.
Hitoshi Yoshida: Iwo Jima? No.
Ernie Yost: Ah...
Hitoshi Yoshida: Guadalcanal.
[Ernie looks at him with surprise. Smiling, Hitoshi pours himself a cup of sake, and he and Ernie clink cups together]

[Coleman enters the squadroom with two Marine MPs]
Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman: Where's Gibbs?
Anthony DiNozzo: And a good afternoon to you too, Commander Coleman.
Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman: He was to deliver Corporal Yost to me...
Ernie Yost: Present and accounted for, sir!
Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman: 0800. You're Ernest Yost?
Ernie Yost: [stands at attention] Yes, ma'am.
Anthony DiNozzo: This is Lieutenant Commander Coleman, Ernie, JAG Corps. She's here to, um... arrest you.
Ernie Yost: I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, Commander.
Anthony DiNozzo: [referring to the two Marines] What's with the Olsen twins?
Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman: They're here to escort the accused to Quantico.
Ernie Yost: Well, it's about time.
[He holds out his hands to be cuffed, but Kate pushes them down]
Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: *We'll* deliver him.
Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman: You've had two days to do that.
[DiNozzo pulls aside Ernie's tie, revealing the Medal of Honor. Coleman and the Marines snap to attention, and the Marines salute]

[Entering the NCIS building, Ernie sets off the metal detector]
Henry: Are you wearing jewelry?
Ernie Yost: Oh, forgot. Senior moment.
[From around his neck he pulls a medal. Henry looks at it, astonished]
Gibbs: Henry... we're in the presence of a Medal of Honor recipient.

[toasting each other with cups of sake]
Gibbs: Semper Fi!
Ernie Yost: Semper Fi!
[they drink, and Yost coughs]
Ernie Yost: Sail again?
Gibbs: Yeah, why not?
[Gibbs calls to the sushi chef in Japanese. The chef responds, and Ernie is surprised to recognize Hitoshi, who refills their cups]
Gibbs: Arigato.
Ernie Yost: You conned me, Gunny.
Gibbs: Nah, would I do that to you?
Ernie Yost: You're damn right you would... and I want to thank you for it.

Caitlin 'Kate' Todd: His citation of conspicuous gallantry, above and beyond the call of duty.
Gibbs: Corporal Ernest Yost, United States Marine Corps, 1st Battalion, 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division, at Iwo Jima, volcano island, 4 March, 1945. Terrain studded with caves and ravines, Corporal Yost was standing point forward of our lines, when he spotted Japanese troops attempting to infiltrate under the cover of darkness. He immediately waged a fierce battle, during which, a grenade gravely wounded his right hand and fractured his thigh. Near exhaustion from profuse bleeding, he continued to defend his forward position, engaging in hand to hand combat, when he was out of ammunition. At dawn, Corporal Yost was found amid the bodies of 26 Japanese soldiers he had killed, in a self sacrificing defense of his forward position.
Ernie Yost: [Yost, just having walked back from the water cooler, sees Gibbs and company standing up from reading his citation] What?
Gibbs: We just heard about your wife Mr. Yost. You have our sympathies, sir.