Abby Sciuto
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Biography for
Abby Sciuto (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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Abby Sciuto is the Goth Forensic Scientist at NCIS and has close relationships with the members of the NCIS team, Most Notably Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Ziva David. and formerly Caitlin 'Kate' Todd. She is known to be Gibbs' 'favorite' and often exchanges signs of affection with him such as kisses on the cheek or silent exchanges via sign language. Gibbs is very protective of Abby and has demonstrated this on numerous occasions.

She's a little bit of a geek when it comes to technology, particularly with the equipment in her Lab. She names and talks to her machines, and her favorite is "Major Mass Spec". Whenever she gets new equipment, she has a tradition of taking a photo of herself next to it, as seen in the episode entitled "Brothers In Arms."

Abby loves Caf-Pow (a high caffeinated fruity drink available at the local coffee shop). At the end of season 4, in reaction to Gibbs' departure, she decides she is going to quit caffeine, but that ends by season 5 episode 2 "Family."

In 'Split Decision' (Season One: Episode 21) Abby makes fake ID's for DiNozzo and Gibbs' undercover ops, and then reveals she's been making fake ID's since she was 15 years old. You also find out in Kill Ari Pt. II that she has been driving stick shift autos since she was 10 "With Bubba riding shotgun." (according to her, Bubba was "The best damn coon dog in Jefferson Parish") She's an expert with computers and well, fraud.

As mentioned above, Abby and Gibbs can also communicate by signing. Abby learned because her mother was deaf. This signing is much to the dismay and irritation of the rest of the team members, especially DiNozzo.

Abby was once in a relationship with Tim McGee, but it fizzled out in Season Two and the pair have become close friends as a result. She has demonstrated a soft spot for the Probie agent on more than one occasion but their relationship is less romantic and more that of best friends or even siblings now.

She's a sensitive character who covers her emotions well with over-enthusiasm and an almost child-like quality but she was shown to be openly grieving when Kate Todd died at the end of season two and the beginning of season three, She also openly grieved when Director Jenny Shepard died at the end of Season Five.

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