Geoffrey Miller
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Geoffrey Miller (Character)
from Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

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Six Degrees of Separation (1993)
Flan Kittredge: Why do you stay in South Africa?
Geoffrey: One has to stay there. To educate the black workers. And we'll know we've been successful when they kill us.
Ouisa Kittredge: Oh, goodness.
Flan Kittredge: Planning the revolution that will destroy you.
Ouisa Kittredge: Putting your life on the line.
Geoffrey: We don't think of it like that. I wish you'd come and visit.
Ouisa Kittredge: Oh, would we visit you and sit in your gorgeous house, planning visits to the townships, demanding to see the poorest of the poor? "Oh, are you sure they're the worst off? I mean, we've come all this way. I mean, we don't want to see people just mildly victimized by apartheid. We demand shock." You know it doesn't seem right, sitting on the East Side, talking about revolution.