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Quotes for
Mr. Baily (Character)
from Good Burger (1997)

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Good Burger (1997)
Mr. Baily: Ed! What are you doing inside the milkshake machine?
Ed: Trying to fix it.
Mr. Baily: Did you turn on the switch?

Mr. Baily: What was our take today?
Fizz: 43 dollars and 9 cents.
Mr. Baily: That's it? Well, I suppose I could always feed my mother cat food.
Dexter: Now probably wouldn't be the best time to ask for a raise?
Mr. Baily: No!

Ed: [Mr. Baily has asked Ed to do a delivery] But I don't do deliveries, sir.
Mr. Baily: Well, you're doing them for now. I fired O'Malley.
Ed: Why?
Mr. Baily: Because the boy showed up for work without his pants!

Dexter: Ed, what happened?
Ed: I just tackled this old lady.
Dexter: Alright! You're the man!
[they whoop and cheer]
Mr. Baily: EXCUSE ME? But will somebody explain WHY this is a GOOD thing?
Dexter: This is why, Mondo Burger poisoned our sauce.
Mr. Baily: How could Mondo Burger poison our sauce?
Dexter: We'll explain it to you later, right now just keep all these people from eating a Good Burger, and call the police. Come on, Ed, we're going back to Mondo Burger.
Ed: What for?
Dexter: Evidence!