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Roger Rockmore (Character)
from "Kenan & Kel" (1996)

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Kenan & Kel: Two Heads Are Better Than None (2000) (TV)
Roger Rockmore: [In a pouring rainstorm] That's it. I'm going outside to get the luggage!
Sheryl Rockmore: [as he goes] Roger-what are you... no! Get BACK IN HERE! Get...
Roger Rockmore: [Roger is struck by lightning]
[Is hit with more lightning]

Sheryl Rockmore: Kenan, this trip means a lot to your father. I can't remember the last time I saw him so happy.
Roger Rockmore: [Comes in and sees bags] More bags? This is ridiculous! This is gonna be the worst trip of my life!
Kenan Rockmore: Yeah, he sure seems real happy.

Roger Rockmore: Do I look like a mechanic?
Kel Kimble: Well, is a mechanic big, bald, and acrimonious?
Roger Rockmore: Will you be quiet?
Kel Kimble: Acrimonious!

Kenan Rockmore: Okay, I was standing right here, and he was standing, over there.
Roger Rockmore: Well maybe he had to get back to his castle, or slay a dragon!
Kenan Rockmore: Daddy I'm telling the truth!
Kel Kimble: I believe you, Kenan, even if you are lying.

"Kenan & Kel: Chicago Witch Trials (#3.4)" (1998)
Roger Rockmore: Now, son, you know you can talk to your father about anything. What's wrong?
Kenan: Well, a witch cast a bad luck spell on me and then she gave Kel some kind of a love potion and now he thinks he's in love with her.
Roger Rockmore: Uh... Talk to your mother.
Sheryl Rockmore: Did I hear you correctly. Did you say a witch?
Kenan: Yeah, and I know it sounds strange but she was scratching and she's got a green tongue and she smells like fire!
Kel Kimble: And she's cute!
Kenan: Quiet, Kel! Kel thinks he's in love with her! Look at him!
Sheryl Rockmore: Now Kenan, there's no such thing as witches. And did you ever think that maybe Kel really could be in love?
Kenan: Please! He's just a boy!
Roger Rockmore: Maybe she is a witch!
Sheryl Rockmore: Roger!
Roger Rockmore: Well, she wants Kel to like her. There must be something wrong with her!
Kel Kimble: Yeah! Huh?

Roger Rockmore: Maybe she IS a witch.
Sheryl Rockmore: Roger!
Roger Rockmore: Well she wants Kel to like her, there must be SOMETHING wrong with her.

"Kenan & Kel: Mo' Sweater Blues (#1.5)" (1996)
Roger Rockmore: Kenan!
Kenan: Pop!
Roger Rockmore: What in the world is going on here? And what is Kyra doing here?
Sheryl Rockmore: And boy where in the world are your pants?

"Kenan & Kel: Get the Kel Outta Here (#2.8)" (1997)
Roger Rockmore: Cheryl, I'll see you later!
Sheryl Rockmore: Roger, where are you going?
Roger Rockmore: AFTER KEL!
[jumps out of window]

"Kenan & Kel: I.Q. Can Do Better (#3.7)" (1998)
Kenan Rockmore: [after Kenan gets his IQ test results] I got a 3.
Roger Rockmore: You got a 3?
Kenan Rockmore: Yes! A 3!
Sheryl Rockmore: A 3?
Kenan Rockmore: Yes! You know, More than 2, less than 4!
Kel Kimble: 3 is less than a *lot* of numbers!

"Kenan & Kel: The Cold War (#1.7)" (1996)
Roger Rockmore: [Noticing a pilot has parachuted out of a plane thanks to Kenan and Kel's Intervention] He Jumped out? Why? Where'd the Plane go?
Kenan Rockmore, Kel Kimble: [Crying] Nebraska!

"Kenan & Kel: Pair-Rental Guidance (#2.1)" (1997)
Roger Rockmore: [after Kenan's scheme for his fake parents to meet his principal backfires] Who are all of you?
William Buckman III: Er, uh... we're the Rockmores!
Sheryl Rockmore: *We're* The Rockmores.
Principal Dimly: I'm confused.
Kel Kimble: I'm outta here.
Kel Kimble: [tries to run but is grabbed by Roger] Uh!
Kenan Rockmore: [starts to cry] I'm in trouble.
[hides behind door]