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Kel Kimble (Character)
from "Kenan & Kel" (1996)

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Kenan & Kel: Two Heads Are Better Than None (2000) (TV)
Kel Kimble: [singing] 12 bottles of orange soda on the wall! Twelve bottles of orange soda! Take one down, pass it around! ELEVEN BOTTLES OF ORANGE SODDDDAAAAA ON THE WAAAAAAAALLLL! Awe...
Kenan Rockmore: What, that's it?
Kel Kimble: What?
Kenan Rockmore: You're just gonna stop at eleven?
Kel Kimble: Yeah!
Kenan Rockmore: You mean we had to sit through 'A Million Bottles of Orange Soda on the Wall' and you're just gonna stop at eleven? You're not even gonna finish?
Kel Kimble: Yeah, I'm tired of that song.

Kel Kimble: [hears footsteps behind him]
Kel Kimble: Kenan, please tell me one of us lost our shoes back there.

Kenan Rockmore: What's cookin', man?
Kel Kimble: Sticks. Want some?
[takes a bite]
Kenan Rockmore: No, I prefer to eat things that are food.

Kel Kimble: [In the Weird Museum] Look, Kenan-it's Dennis Rodman's head... made out of meat!
Kenan Rockmore: ...Why?

Kel Kimble: [Roger finishes a very high-pitched version of "Home on the Range"] Man, that stunk.
Kenan Rockmore: No, Kel, that didn't stunk... it was just... seriously freaky!

Kel Kimble: [Walking to Rockville] Can't... can't... go on... must... must have... water!... I'm too thirsty. Kenan... go on... without me!
Kenan Rockmore: [Turns, revealing that they are three feet from the car] Could we get some water here, please?

Kel Kimble: Are we there yet? Are we? I'm tired. My legs hurt. Can I go to the bathroom? Roger, you smell like gas. I need to go to the bathroom. Aw! I really do. Where are we? Can we turn on the radio? I'm bored.
Kenan Rockmore: KEL! Can you please be quiet? You are not making this awful ride any easier.
Kel Kimble: I'm bored.

Kel Kimble: Goodnight, Kenan.
Kenan Rockmore: Oh, please don't say that word. I don't wanna hear of a goodnight, badnight, headless knight, no knight!
Kel Kimble: Hey, how do you suppose he chops off the people's heads?
Kenan Rockmore: Don't know! Go to sleep!
Kel Kimble: A knife, or a sword? or with scissors? Nah, nah. Scissors would take too long.
Kenan Rockmore: Please stop talking! Just, rest.
Kel Kimble: Hey, you know what? What does he do with the bodies after he's done eating them? Like, where does he put the bones, I mean because...
Kenan Rockmore: Enough!
Kel Kimble: They probably just...
Kenan Rockmore: I don't wanna hear about the headless knight chopping off people's heads or what he does with the bones or what kind of car he drives! I don't wanna talk about him.
Kel Kimble: Alright... nighty night night.

Roger Rockmore: Do I look like a mechanic?
Kel Kimble: Well, is a mechanic big, bald, and acrimonious?
Roger Rockmore: Will you be quiet?
Kel Kimble: Acrimonious!

Kenan Rockmore: Okay, I was standing right here, and he was standing, over there.
Roger Rockmore: Well maybe he had to get back to his castle, or slay a dragon!
Kenan Rockmore: Daddy I'm telling the truth!
Kel Kimble: I believe you, Kenan, even if you are lying.

Kenan Rockmore: Okay, it says that it's 10 miles to Rockville, Rockville, yeah.
Kel Kimble: Rockville? Oh man that's the evil town! That's where the Headless Knight lives! That's the place the man told us to stay away from!

Kenan Rockmore: Didn't you bring anything?
Kel Kimble: Let me see.
[opens a suitcase, takes a suitcase out of it and opens it up]
Kenan Rockmore: Why did you pack suitcases inside of other suitcases?
Kel Kimble: Case I lost one.
Kenan Rockmore: Ah, stupid me. Well what's in that one?
Kel Kimble: Orange soda and an umbrella.
Kenan Rockmore: That's it? I mean you packed the umbrella but you didn't pack no drawers?
Kel Kimble: I don't think underwear would come in handy during a rain storm, Kenan.

[while the Rockmores and Kel are camping]
Kel Kimble: [telling a ghost story] When the bread popped out of the toaster, no one knew what to put on it jelly, margarine, cinnamon-sugar. I suggested butter, crumbs were everywhere...
Kenan Rockmore: [interrupting Kel] Man! He said let's tell *ghost stories*, not *toast stories*!
Kel Kimble: I don't know any ghost stories!

"Kenan & Kel: I'm Gonna Get You Kenan (#3.14)" (1999)
Policeman: We found this to-do list in the Jackhammer's cell. As you can see, right at the top of the list 'Escape from prison' has been crossed off. And you'll notice just below that it says...
Kenan Rockmore: Pick up dry cleaning?
Policeman: No, below that.
Kenan Rockmore: Oh, get Kenan Rockmore. OHHH he gonna get me!
Kel Kimble: Ooh! What he gonna get you?

Chris Potter: Hey Kenan, what's with the getup?
Kenan Rockmore: It's supposed to be a disguise man, so the Jackhammer can't find me.
Chris Potter: Oh please, that disguise isn't going to fool anybody.
Kel Kimble: [comes in] Oh hey, you guys seen Kenan?
Kenan Rockmore: Kel, it's me!
Kel Kimble: [confused] And I'm ME!

Kenan Rockmore: Kel, nobody is going to buy a shirt that says 'Friend of Hero'.
Kel Kimble: False information, I already bought five.

Kel Kimble: [after braining the pizza boy with a vase] Aww man! I wanted pepperoni!
Kenan Rockmore: Kel, the pizza boy's unconscious.
Kel Kimble: I know, but I wanted pepperoni!

Kenan Rockmore: Kel! He's here! Quick, give me something to hit him with!
Kel Kimble: [hands Kenan a roll of paper towels] There ya go.
Kenan Rockmore: Thanks.
[realizes, throws it at Kel]
Kenan Rockmore: Preferably something NOT soft!
Kel Kimble: Oh!
[grabs frying pans]
Kel Kimble: How about these?

Sheryl Rockmore: Kenan! We came home as soon as we heard the Jackhammer escaped.
[Kel knocks her out with the frying pan]
Kenan Rockmore: What'd you hit my mama for?
Kel Kimble: How was I supposed to know it was your mama?
Kenan Rockmore: Because the lights' on and you KNOW my mama!
Kel Kimble: ...My bad.

Kenan Rockmore: AWW all the doors are all open! Look, stay in here and try not to knock out or re-knock anybody else out!
Kel Kimble: Fine, I won't knock anyone out.

Kel Kimble: I brought some home videos, you know, to get your mind off things.
Kenan Rockmore: Ah, good, what'd you get?
Kel Kimble: Well I got 'Revenge is Sweet', 'Sweet, Sweet Revenge' and 'Revenge Equals Pain'.

Kenan Rockmore: Kel, grab some nail polish, some nail polish remover, and any third item, and meet me over there. Come on, velvet!
Kel Kimble: Kenan! Why we getting nail polish if we just gonna remove it? Kenan! I can't think of a third item! Oh wait a minute, how about a compass? Kenan? Kenan! Awwww here it goes!

"Kenan & Kel: Chicago Witch Trials (#3.4)" (1998)
Roger Rockmore: Now, son, you know you can talk to your father about anything. What's wrong?
Kenan: Well, a witch cast a bad luck spell on me and then she gave Kel some kind of a love potion and now he thinks he's in love with her.
Roger Rockmore: Uh... Talk to your mother.
Sheryl Rockmore: Did I hear you correctly. Did you say a witch?
Kenan: Yeah, and I know it sounds strange but she was scratching and she's got a green tongue and she smells like fire!
Kel Kimble: And she's cute!
Kenan: Quiet, Kel! Kel thinks he's in love with her! Look at him!
Sheryl Rockmore: Now Kenan, there's no such thing as witches. And did you ever think that maybe Kel really could be in love?
Kenan: Please! He's just a boy!
Roger Rockmore: Maybe she is a witch!
Sheryl Rockmore: Roger!
Roger Rockmore: Well, she wants Kel to like her. There must be something wrong with her!
Kel Kimble: Yeah! Huh?

Teacher: Today we're going to be talking about witchcraft, and we're going to start by discussing the Salem Witch Trials.
Kel Kimble: Which trials?
Teacher: Yes, the witch trials.
Kel Kimble: No um, which trials are you talking about?
Teacher: Salem Witch Trials.
Kel Kimble: [to Kenan] Stogie's all confused, she doesn't understand me.
Kenan: Kel, the woman is talking about witch trials. You know, trials about witches, witchcraft.
Teacher: The woman, is talking about witchcraft.
Kel Kimble: Which CRAFT are you talking about? I mean there are a lot of crafts, like arts and crafts, cooking crafts...
Teacher: Please! Don't speak!
[Kel zips his mouth shut and looks for a place to throw away the key]
Kenan: Give it here!

Kenan: How can you tell if somebody's a witch?
Chris Potter: There are many ways. Some witches have a real distinct odor, some say they smell almost like fire.
Kenan: What else?
Chris Potter: Some witches scratch themselves a lot, and have green tongues. Witches also have feet that curl up like crow's feet. And remember this, witches can cast good spells and bad spells, AND, if a witch doesn't like you... BEWARE! Well, of course there's no such thing as witches these days.
Kel Kimble: Yeah, no such thing.

Kenan: She's scratching! She's scratching!
Kel Kimble: Well maybe she got some dust blown on her or something.
Kenan: Oh yeah, THAT'S realistic, she's a witch!

Kenan: Tongue is green! Her tongue is green!
[does imaginary equation]
Kenan: And green tongue plus scratching, equals witch!
Kel Kimble: [mimics erasing equation off blackboard] You can't add things that aren't numbers! Duh!

Kenan: Smells like fire! All barbecuey!
Kel Kimble: Well maybe she WAS on fire.
Kenan: She wasn't on FIRE, Kel, man she's a witch!

Becky: Kel, I know how much you like orange soda, so I made you a special orange drink. I made it myself.
[Kenan screams]
Becky: I love to experiment in the kitchen.
Kenan: I'll bet you do!
Kel Kimble: That's cool, I'll try some right now.
Kenan: No Kel don't drink it, Kel stop drinking it, AWW he's drinking it! He's drinking!
Kel Kimble: Hey that's good,
[offers to Kenan]
Kel Kimble: try some!
Kenan: [knocks it on the floor] Noooooooooo! Fruit basket!

Kenan: It says here that the tongue can be a very powerful weapon in the fight against evil.
Kel Kimble: [sticks his tongue out] Du dung?
Kenan: Yeah, the tongue. It says in order to beat the witch, we have to bathe all her personal possessions in our goodness.
Kel Kimble: 'Ith our dungs?
Kenan: Yeah, it makes sense. So all we gotta do is bathe all her bad stuff in our good saliva.
Kel Kimble: Wait wait wait, you telling me we need to go to this girl's house, and spit all over her stuff?
Kenan: No Kel, that would be silly, we gonna LICK all her stuff.

"Kenan & Kel: Housesitter (#3.13)" (1999)
Kenan Rockmore: Kel, what're you doing with the water, man?
Kel Kimble: Watering Norman, I got him in my pocket.
Kenan Rockmore: You can't keep a fish in your pocket! Although it DOES give me an interesting idea.
Kel Kimble: It does?
Kenan Rockmore: Yep. Kel, grab a door, a talking cow, and a throat lozenge, and meet me at the frozen yogurt shop. Come on, fishy!
Kel Kimble: Kenan! Don't the frozen yogurt shop GOT a door? Kenan, can I bring Norman? Kenan! Awww here it goes!

Kenan Rockmore: Kel, I think I'm forgetting something.
Kel Kimble: What's wrong, Kenan?
Kenan Rockmore: I don't know. I just feel like I've forgotten something, you know?
Kel Kimble: Maybe you forgot how to make cookies.
Kenan Rockmore: I don't know how to make cookies.
Kel Kimble: I know, cuz you forgot!

Kel Kimble: Kenan, I think I know what you forgot.
Kenan Rockmore: [panicky] I think I know too!
Kel Kimble: You forgot to tell your daddy that you broke the window in his car.
[Roger exclaims]
Kenan Rockmore: No, I forgot to tell my daddy I left my limbo stick in a jar, come on!

Kenan Rockmore: KEL! What are you doing?
Kel Kimble: Giving the fish some orange soda.
Kenan Rockmore: Orange so... why?
Kel Kimble: Well, he might get thirsty.
Kenan Rockmore: Thirsty? Man he lives in water! How thirsty can he be?

Kenan Rockmore: Okay, we can still fix this: all we gotta do is go to the store and buy some new plants, come back, fix the bowl, clean out the fish tank, drop little Norman in, and then go home.
Kel Kimble: Man this has been one busy day.
[drinks from the trophy they put Norman in]

Policeman: I think we've seen just about enough here! You two are coming downtown right now!
Kenan Rockmore: No wait, I mean you can't take us downtown: we still have to fix the plants, the fish tank, the bowl, the vacuum cleaner, the trophy...
Kel Kimble: The oboe!
Policeman: Yeah and the faucet and the curtains and the ceiling and the toilet and the table all BEFORE Chris comes home.

Kel Kimble: Hey did Chris notice that his plants were all dead?
Kenan Rockmore: No Kel, he came home to his flooded, burnt, ruined house, and THEN noticed the plants.
Kel Kimble: Ah! Close one!
Kenan Rockmore: Yeah... but lucky for us, Chris's insurance is going to pay for everything and plus his mother wanted to redecorate anyway.

"Kenan & Kel: Mo' Sweater Blues (#1.5)" (1996)
Chinese Waiter: May I take your order?
Kel Kimble: Yes, yes. I will have a hamburger, onion rings, spaghetti and meatballs, corn, macaroni and cheese, and a pitcher of your finest orange soda.
[blows out a kiss]
Chinese Waiter: Sir, this is a Chinese restaurant.
Kel Kimble: Oh, I'm sorry.
[speaking nonsense Chinese loudly]
Kel Kimble: Mama say mama manyu maku say.
Chinese Waiter: You want me to park your truck on my mother's face?
[the waiter becomes angry and approaches Kel as if he were to hurt him, but Kenan stops him]
Kenan: Hey, hey, hey! Mr. waiter! Sir! Um, what do you suggest? Never mind him.
Chinese Waiter: [clears throat quietly] I suggest you start with a Pupu Platter.
Kyra Rockmore: Ew!
Kenan: Kyra, please, all right? Now, what exactly comes on the Pupu Platter?
Kel Kimble: I don't want any poo-poo!

Kenan: [Kenan and Kel run into the bathroom with the sweeter] Aww man, look at this!
Kenan: Maybe it'll come out! let me see it!
Kenan: [Kenan puts soap on the sweeter] Hey man, this had better work!
Kel Kimble: Oh, don't worry, I got it!
Kenan: Oh man, you just made it soapy!
Kel Kimble: You gotta rinse it out! Umm...
[Kel runs to the toilet and stuffs the sweeter in it]
Kel Kimble: .
Kenan: Hey, wait, wait, Kel! Kel! Kel! Man, What're you doin'? Kel!
Kenan: [Kel hold the sweeter up and it all wet from the toilet] Man, now it's stained and full of all nasty toilet juice! Man, that's never gonna dry!
Kel Kimble: Wait... yes it will!
[Kell attempts to ring the sweeter out onto Kenan]
Kenan: Aw, no! Not the toilet juice!
Kel Kimble: [the toliet water from the sweeter gets onto Kenan's pants] Oooh... you know what that looks like?
Kenan: Yes, I know what it looks like!

Kenan: [Kenan and Kel run into the bathroom with the sweater] Aww man, look at this!
Kenan: Maybe it'll come out! let me see it!
Kenan: [Kenan puts soap on the sweater] Hey man, this had better work!
Kel Kimble: Oh, don't worry, I got it!
Kenan: Oh man, you just made it soapy!
Kel Kimble: You gotta rinse it out! Umm...
[Kel runs to the toilet and stuffs the sweater in it]
Kel Kimble: .
Kenan: Hey, wait, wait, Kel! Kel! Kel! Man, What're you doin'? Kel!
Kenan: [Kel hold the sweater up and it all wet from the toilet] Man, now it's stained and full of all nasty toilet juice! Man, that's never gonna dry!
Kel Kimble: Wait... yes it will!
[Kell attempts to ring the sweater out onto Kenan]
Kenan: Aw, no! Not the toilet juice!
Kel Kimble: [the toliet water from the sweeter gets onto Kenan's pants] Oooh... you know what that looks like?
Kenan: Yes, I know what it looks like!

Kenan: Tell your Grandmomma I'm sorry!
Kenan: What?
Kel Kimble: Her Grandmomma's dead!
Kel Kimble, Kenan: Oh maaaaaaannnnnn!

"Kenan & Kel: Attack of the Bugman (#3.8)" (1998)
Kel Kimble: You're out of orange soda.
Kenan Rockmore: That's impossible, we just put some in the refrigerator.
Kel Kimble: Yeah, and you're out of refrigerators too.

Kenan Rockmore: Kel, those guys weren't bugmen, they were robbers!
Kel Kimble: Oh...

Kenan Rockmore: This sure is some good pizza, isn't it, Kel?
Kel Kimble: It sure is, but it's not as good as the pizza we had four pizzas ago.

"Kenan & Kel: Dial O for Oops (#1.9)" (1996)
Kenan: I'm gonna ask Amy out. That's all there is to it.
Kel Kimble: But Kenan, your dad said...
Kenan: Kel! My father's married. He doesn't understand what it means to love a woman.

Kenan: [after leaving an answering machine message on the Dawsons' phone] I'm sorry! Oh forgive me! Please don't fire my daddy! This isn't even Kenan. This is...
[with bad hispanic accent]
Kenan: Fernando. Fernando Monteban. I don't know nobody named Kenan. I...
[loses accent]
Kenan: oh!
[hangs up]
Kel Kimble: Smoooth.

"Kenan & Kel: I.Q. Can Do Better (#3.7)" (1998)
Kel Kimble: My brain is so powerful. I bet I can break this desk with it!
[hits head on desk]

Kenan Rockmore: [after Kenan gets his IQ test results] I got a 3.
Roger Rockmore: You got a 3?
Kenan Rockmore: Yes! A 3!
Sheryl Rockmore: A 3?
Kenan Rockmore: Yes! You know, More than 2, less than 4!
Kel Kimble: 3 is less than a *lot* of numbers!

"Kenan & Kel: Pilot (#1.0)" (1996)
Kenan Rockmore: Listen. Man; think about how cool it's gonna be when we get our own car. No more waiting for the bus. No more walking to school in the now. And we get to go out on dates!
Kel Kimble: I don't wanna date you!
[pulls away repulsed]
Kenan Rockmore: Not me, man! Girls!
Kel Kimble: Oh, girls!

Chris Potter: Who violated the Googoo puffs?
Kenan Rockmore: Didn't you feel the earth quake?
Chris Potter: There's no earthquakes in Chicago! Wind; sure!
Kenan Rockmore: See...
Chris Potter: Be quiet! Kenan; This is coming out of your paycheck! Clean up these puffs, Pronto! And Kel; You're fired!
Kel Kimble: But I don't work here.
Chris Potter: See to it that you don't!

"Kenan & Kel: Doing Things the Hemingway (#1.2)" (1996)
Kel Kimble: [as he hangs by a ladder from a helicopter, after his pants and underpants have accidentally been ripped off] It's cold up here!

Kenan Rockmore: One more floor
Kel Kimble: Man... I wish I had some fresh squeezed juice.
[Kenan gives him dirty look, then breaks down]
Kenan Rockmore: Kel... I can't go on, Man. You just take the banner along and go... Leave me here to die!
Kel Kimble: Ok!
[goes to leave]
Kenan Rockmore: Wait man, Wait!

"Kenan & Kel: The Tainting of the Screw (#1.1)" (1996)
Kel Kimble: [sobbing and screaming loudly] I... dropped the screw... in the tuna!

Kel Kimble: [weeping] I, put the screw, in the tuna!

"Kenan & Kel: Picture Imperfect (#3.17)" (1999)
Chris Potter: [noticing Bill Bellamy at the store] I think he's in town filming a movie.
Kel Kimble: Or maybe he's in town looking for his evil twin brother! Wait a minute... how do we know he's not the evil twin?
Chris Potter: Because... he's not?

"Kenan & Kel: Haven't Got Time for the Paint (#2.5)" (1997)
Kel Kimble: [shows a painting of a beautiful sunset on a beach] Hey, Chris. Check it out.
Chris Potter: Wow! That's terrif. Who's the artist?
Kel Kimble: Me.
Chris Potter: You!
Kel Kimble: Yeah. I painted it in art class.
Chris Potter: Wow. I'm impressed. I always thought you were talentless.
Kel Kimble: Man, thanks!
[Chris give him a hi-5]

"Kenan & Kel: The Limo (#3.15)" (1999)
Officer: What happened here?
Kel Kimble: Alright, I'm tired of that question! We got into an accident, Fool!
Kenan Rockmore: Officer, I can explain
Chauffeur: [Trapped in trunk of Limo] Hey! Get me out of this trunk!
Officer: What's that?
Kenan Rockmore: That's a little hard to explain... See ya!
[Both he and Kel run]

"Kenan & Kel: Foul Bull (#2.9)" (1997)
Kenan Rockmore: [sees news article on Chicago blaming them for Ron Harper's injury] Oh no!
Kel Kimble: Aw man!
Kenan Rockmore: Kel, look!
Kel Kimble: I know, man. the Pope has canceled his trip to Acapulco!

"Kenan & Kel: The Crush (#2.10)" (1997)
Kel Kimble: [to Kenan] When you have kids, can they call me Uncle Kel Kel? "Hey, Uncle Kel Kel! We love you, Uncle Kel Kel! Do that funky dance, Uncle Kel Kel!"

"Kenan & Kel: Skunkator vs. Mothman (#3.1)" (1998)
Kenan: [after Kenan and Kel return from the comic book convention, having left Sharla to fend herself] Hey Sharla, I'm ba... What happened?
Kel Kimble: Well, Obviously the register broke, the ice machine overflowed and the hot dogs caught on fire.
Kenan: Duh.

"Kenan & Kel: The Honeymoon's Over (#4.2)" (1999)
Kel Kimble: [after Sheryl kicks the boys out of the living room] Fine, I don't wanna be in your, your stupid old book club, anyhow! Oh, and by the way; I found Petals of Sorrow to be Amateurish, The Exposition was tedious and the characters were One-dimensional! Heard what I said? One-dimensional!

"Kenan & Kel: Get the Kel Outta Here (#2.8)" (1997)
Kenan Rockmore: [On Kyra's Kel sculpture] What are they teaching you? Nasty freak monsters?
Kyra Rockmore: This head happens to look exactly like Kel!
Kenan Rockmore: Like I said, what are they teaching you? Nasty freak monsters?
[Kenan, Kel, and Sheryl laugh]
Kel Kimble: [stops laughing] Hey, wait a minute!

"Kenan & Kel: To Catch a Thief (#3.5)" (1998)
Kel Kimble: Maybe a ninja stole your watch! He broke into your room all like, "I'm a ninja! I'm a ninja!"

"Kenan & Kel: We Are Chimpions (#3.20)" (1999)
Kenan: [in Kenan's kitchen] Man, look at this mess!
Kel Kimble: What happened?
Kenan: [talking about a chimpanzee they adopted] The monkey. The monkey happened!

"Kenan & Kel: Diamonds Are for Roger (#1.6)" (1996)
Kel Kimble: [Kel refuses to help Kenan break into the jewellers and return diamonds Roger supposedly stole] Kenan, Read my lips; Nay!
Kenan Rockmore: Read *My* lips
[blows a raspberry at Kel]
Kel Kimble: Ooh, do that again!
Kenan Rockmore: No, man! I need you, I can't put those diamonds back by myself.

"Kenan & Kel: Duh Bomb (#1.4)" (1996)
Kel: [rapping] Now let me tell you a little somethin' about an orange drink/It's cold, carbonated and it sure ain't pink/So forget about your coffee and your sausage link/'Cause Orange Soda's in town/and it's time to drink Orange Soda!
Crowd: Orange Soda!
Kel: Awwwww yeah! Now wave your cans in the air! I said wave your cans in the air! And wave 'em like ya just don't care! And if ya like livin' in Chicago Then let me hear ya say "Oooohh Yeah!"
Crowd: Oooh Yeah!

"Kenan & Kel: The Cold War (#1.7)" (1996)
Roger Rockmore: [Noticing a pilot has parachuted out of a plane thanks to Kenan and Kel's Intervention] He Jumped out? Why? Where'd the Plane go?
Kenan Rockmore, Kel Kimble: [Crying] Nebraska!

"Kenan & Kel: Mental Kel-Epathy (#1.3)" (1996)
Kenan: Have I ever given you one reason not to trust me?
Kel Kimble: No.
Kenan: All right...
Kel Kimble: You've given me a *thousand* reasons!
Kenan: Name one.
Kel Kimble: You talked me into wearing pantyhose, you talked me into tickling that policeman, you talked me into getting bat mitzvahed...
Kenan: Hey, it's bar mitzvahed!
Kel Kimble: You talked me into drinking fish grease...
Kenan: Ugggghhhh!
Kel Kimble: You talked me into selling my kidney, you talked me into gluing myself to the train. Remember that?
Kenan: Oh yeah, you ran pretty fast.
Kel Kimble: I had to!

"Kenan & Kel: Ditch Day Afternoon (#2.7)" (1997)
Chris Potter: What's with all the hullabaloo?
Kenan Rockmore, Kel Kimble: [look at each other, and then raise their arm confused] Hullabaloo?
Chris Potter: You know what I mean.

"Kenan & Kel: Pair-Rental Guidance (#2.1)" (1997)
Roger Rockmore: [after Kenan's scheme for his fake parents to meet his principal backfires] Who are all of you?
William Buckman III: Er, uh... we're the Rockmores!
Sheryl Rockmore: *We're* The Rockmores.
Principal Dimly: I'm confused.
Kel Kimble: I'm outta here.
Kel Kimble: [tries to run but is grabbed by Roger] Uh!
Kenan Rockmore: [starts to cry] I'm in trouble.
[hides behind door]

"Kenan & Kel: Turkey Day (#2.11)" (1997)
Kel Kimble: [to Maitre'D After stealing Chris' Turkey] Don't tell *nobody*!
[He and Kenan run]