Brick Bardo
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Brick Bardo (Character)
from Dollman (1991) (V)

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Dollman (1991) (V)
Brick: I hate fucking giants.

Fisher: What do you want, *asshole*?
Brick: Nothin'!
Fisher: You're just gonna walk away?
[Brick walks away]

Boy in Laundromat: That's a Groger Blaster, the most powerful handgun in the universe!
Brick: That's right, fat boy!

Brick: Urban fuckin' renewal!

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993) (V)
Brick Bardo: Pop goes the weasel.

Brick Bardo: What the hell are you talking about? You're a fucking toy!
Baby Oopsy-Daisy: Yeah that's right I'm a fucking toy!, and comes midnight that's exactly what I'll be doing to doll chick!

Brick Bardo: What the matter? You never seen a cop before?

Bloodmatch (1991)
Brick Bardo: Ain't life a bitch? Ain't it just one great big goddamn son of a whore?

Brick Bardo: Sorry to interrupt you - should have known what a cheap slut you are.