Judith Gray
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Judith Gray (Character)
from Demonic Toys (1992) (V)

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Demonic Toys (1992) (V)
Judith Gray: Oh, God!
The Kid: God has nothing to do with this, judith. Actually, let's scratch the word 'God' from our lexicon altogether. Let's talk demons instead.

The Kid: [to a hysterical Judith] Don't worry Judith, the pain won't last long. I'll speed up the birth. You can be the proud new mother of a brand new demon by sunrise.
Judith Gray: [Screaming] No!
The Kid: Then blood's *really* gonna run...

The Kid: Hello Judith, so glad you could make it. You know, it just wouldn't be a show without you.
Judith Gray: Oh, god! Help me!
The Kid: This isn't so bad, is it?

The Kid: Hello, Judith.
Judith Gray: Where are we?
The Kid: Inside the doll's house. It's part of the astral plane. This is where I live. For now.
Judith Gray: This isn't real, this isn't real!
The Kid: It's real enough... I brought you here, so we could have a chat.
Judith Gray: Who are you?
The Kid: A spirit, just like your little friend said. A bad one, too.
Judith Gray: You look like a little boy to me.
The Kid: Oh? I can take any form I want to. I can be this...

The Kid: We're not part of your physical world. We feed off your fear, your pain, your deaths. But that's not enough to satisfy me... You know what I really want, Judith? A body to hang my soul in. A real body. Blood, and bones.
Judith Gray: What are you talking about?
The Kid: Right now, I'm weak. My spirit is bound by the walls of this warehouse. It's taken all my strength, just to animate these toys. Even that took sixty six years of rest. Sixty six years, since the last time I tried to be born...