Gabriel Noone
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Gabriel Noone (Character)
from The Night Listener (2006)

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The Night Listener (2006)
[last lines]
[we see the back of Donna as she walks down the sidewalk, leading away from the condo she just looked at purchasing]
Gabriel Noone: As for Pete, there's a line in the Velveteen Rabbit that reads... Real isn't how you were made. It's the thing that happens to you. I'm Gabriel Noone. Goodnight.

[first lines]
Gabriel Noone: [Black screen. Sounds of squeaking chair as someone sits down, microphone squealing, paper rustling, and a thump] Ready?
[Sound of one breath blown into microphone]
Gabriel Noone: [Unknown woman mumbles]
Gabriel Noone: Yeah, let's try it like that.
[Paper rustling]
Gabriel Noone: [Unknown woman mumbles again]

Gabriel Noone: Charles Dickens wrote Pete Logand was only 12 when his parents sent him to make boot polish in a factory by the docks. This screwed him up forever and made him a writer. I think we've all got a blacking factory, some terrible something that makes us lose our baby heart as surely as we lose our baby teeth.

Pap Noone: Just say goodbye to the little prick
Darlie Noone: What? Little prick?
Pap Noone: He can handle that.
Gabriel Noone: I can handle big ones, actually.

Gabriel Noone: Listen, you ruined what we had. You're the fucking one who can't see the reality.