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Jimmy Edwards (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (#3.16)" (2006)
Jimmy Edwards: You really think I am the only one. Then ask yourself this. Have you ever treated someone like crap in this school or left anyone out? Have you ever broken up with someone in the time it takes to pass a note and disappear? Or talk trash behind their back? Or maybe you just ignored it all? You know why you worry about the big game or the prom or the bake sale for the pep club. You ask yourself that and then you tell me if there is anyone else out there.

Jimmy Edwards: You know they're going to remember me as a monster but I wonder how they'll remember you?

Keith Scott: I'm not gonna leave you here son. I'm not gonna do that and i'll tell you why. Cause I've been there. I've bought the gun, and i planned on using it ok. I've been there. And I wanna tell you something, It gets better.
Jimmy Edwards: Not this, it can't.
Keith Scott: It does Jimmy. That pain in your stomach, that pain in your heart, it goes away. That voice in your head thats saying there's no way out, it's wrong Jimmy. Would you please, please just believe me. It gets better.
Jimmy Edwards: It won't! Not after this! I cant take this back! I can't erase this!
[starting to cry]
Jimmy Edwards: She's gonna die.
Keith Scott: You don't know that.
Jimmy Edwards: I just... I wanted... I wanted them to leave me alone. I just... I wanted them to like me.
Keith Scott: I understand son. It's what we all want. Thats all any of us want.
Jimmy Edwards: I'm not here... I'm not here.
Keith Scott: Jimmy please... it's gonna be ok son... it's gonna be ok.
Jimmy Edwards: [pounding on his chest] But it hurts! It hurts! It always hurts!
Keith Scott: I know... please... please...
Jimmy Edwards: I'm sorry...
[Points the gun to his chest and shoots himself]
Keith Scott: NOOOOO!

"One Tree Hill: Just Watch the Fireworks (#3.15)" (2006)
Jimmy Edwards: [in the time capsule] So, you wanna know what things were like fifty years ago? Well, the truth is... There's not a single person in this place worth REMEMBERING in fifty years. So don't believe any of the other crap you're hearing. Everyone at Tree Hill is a liar. Like, I'm sure Russ Lahodnie, you know, our All-American wrestler, who everybody thinks is this nice, respectable guy. I bet he forgot to mention the fact that he's the king of slipping girls the date rape-drug. Or Miss Perfect 4.0, Katie Radison? Yeah, three words: GANG, BANG, ABORTION. See, people here are fake, so they stick to their cliques to hide it. I mean, the stoners are medicated, the honor students are afraid, and the jocks, well, they're jocks, man. They'll peak at seventeen, and their cheerleader girlfriends will be FAT and LONELY by twenty-one. LOSERS! EVERYONE here is a loser! And the truth is, every day I have to come back to this school, is one less day I have to come back.