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Tim Smith (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: Near Wild Heaven (#2.3)" (2004)
Tim Smith: Hey, Nathan, what do you think? Thai? Mexican? Chinese is always good...
Haley James: Tim, you just ate. How is it possible that you're still hungry?
Tim Smith: I'm not ordering food, i'm ordering strippers.

Tim Smith: [to Nathan] Are you sure you know this guy?
Nathan Scott: He works with me at Hot & Twisted
[pretzel stand at the mall]
Nathan's colleague: Great, even the losers don't know me.
Tim Smith: Just read the damn quiz.
Nathan's colleague: [sigh] When your boyfriend kisses you, he a:...
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: What the hell are you reading?
Tim Smith: Cosmo Girl, go on...
Nathan's colleague: When your boyfriend kisses you, he a: looks deeply into your eyes, b: closes his eyes, c: cradles your head softly, d: unhooks your bra.
Tim Smith: It's D, it's definitley D. You go for the bra.
Nathan Scott: Now, Tim, you realise you're supposed to be answering as a girl?
Tim Smith: I know, and i'd want a boyfriend who isn't afraid to go under my shirt!
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: And hopefully someday you'll find him.

Tim Smith: Dude, smell me.
Nathan Scott: Dude, kiss my ass.
Tim Smith: No, seriously. I wanna smell nice for the... talent that's coming over.
Nathan Scott: Tim, just say the stripper.
Tim Smith: Fine, the stripper. Alright... Which one makes me smell available? I've got "Flesh" on this side and this "Frink" stuff on this side.
Nathan Scott: That's not mine.
Tim Smith: Well, it was in your bathroom.
Haley James: [walks in] Oh, Tim, what are you doing with my perfume?
[takes it]

Tim Smith: She's here! Stripper time!
[Runs to open the door. Lucas stands behind it]
Tim Smith: Oh, it's just you.
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Not the thrill it used to be, huh?

Tim Smith: Oh, sweet, they're in costume. Did my brother deliver or what?
Officer Bernstein: We witnessed a keg being brought up to his apartment? Are you boys of age?
Officer Grasso: Let's see some ID.
Tim Smith: Let's see some hot girl!
[Tim smacks the officer's ass. They grab his arms and push him up against a window]
Tim Smith: Damn these strippers are strong! I can feel your breasts against my back!
Officer Bernstein: Better yet! Forget the keg. Arrest the perv.
Tim Smith: Ow! You're hurting me! Does that cost extra?

Tim Smith: I can see your thong strap, foxy brown!

"One Tree Hill: I Will Dare (#2.5)" (2004)
Felix Taggaro: Well, well. With the other dares, it appears to be a tie.
Tim Smith: Oh no, oh no, wait. Don't forget this. Shows Felix the picture from the golf course.
Felix Taggaro: Dude! What the hell are you doing?
Tim Smith: It says it right here on the dare card
Felix Taggaro: Man, that's a typo. It's supposed to say, "Take a shot in the second hole."

Nathan Scott: Well, this is it. Massage and Spa.
Tim Smith: What's the back say?
Nathan Scott: Ask for the special.
Tim Smith: It's the happy ending!
[eagerly rings the bell]

"One Tree Hill: The Search for Something More (#1.8)" (2003)
[Haley and Nathan are on a date, Tim and some buddies walk up]
Tim Smith: Hey Nathan, what's up man?
[looks at Haley]
Nathan Scott: Hey guys, you know Haley, she's my tutor...
Tim Smith: This looks a lot like a date to me
Nathan Scott: No man, definitely not
Tim Smith: All right, see you later
Nathan Scott: I'm sorry about that...
Haley James: [cutting Nathan off] Are you embarrassed to be seen with me? And why are you only nice to me when we're alone?
Nathan Scott: It's just...
Haley James: ...You know, for an hour you almost got me to believe that you're not a son of a bitch but, God, you fooled me again.

Jake Jaglieski: Sorry I'm late, Coach.
Coach Whitey Durham: Why should today be any different, Jageilski? Move your ass. The rest of you ladies start defense drills, pronto.
[walk out]
Nathan: Why is coach so easy on you, Jageilski?
Tim Smith: If I'm late I get wind sprints.
Jake Jaglieski: We party together.
Tim Smith: Maybe they're lovers.
Nathan: [to Tim and Jake] Why, did you two break up?
[Nathan and Tim leave]
Lucas: So, anyway, man, what's the deal? What's going on? You know, you're out sick all the time, and you come in late and cut out early. I don't understand. Coach just lets you.
Jake Jaglieski: [getting changed] Just helping me out.
Lucas: Meaning?
Jake Jaglieski: Meaning he's just helping me out.
Lucas: All right.
[Lucas leaves and Jake leans against his locker and sighs]

"One Tree Hill: Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends (#3.7)" (2005)
Tim Smith: We know you girls had fantasy date picks. Now who picked me?

"One Tree Hill: Truth Doesn't Make a Noise (#2.2)" (2004)
Tim Smith: What's this lame-ass joke about you guys getting married?
Peyton: He's in shock now that you're officially off the market.
Brooke: It's true, Tim. Haley's preggers.
Haley James Scott: Brooke!
Tim Smith: Right - and Lucas moved away.
[Lucas gives him a quick look, but doesn't say anything]
Tim Smith: You guys gotta do better if you're gonna get one over on the Tim.

"One Tree Hill: I've Got Dreams to Remember (#3.12)" (2006)
Tim Smith: Awe. He's 86'd yo.
Dan Scott: Just say he's dead Tim.

"One Tree Hill: Life in a Glass House (#1.7)" (2003)
Tim Smith: So how exactly do you think you're gonna pull this off?
Brooke: Bartender's love me, watch this. Ahem...
Female Bartender: Ha... Soda or juice?
Brooke: Actually I was gonna ask you if you knew how to make a screaming orgasm?
Female Bartender: For a pretty girl like you?
[grabs a glass and starts mixing the drink]
Female Bartender: So what is this thing for anyway?
Brooke: Raven's basketball...
Female Bartender: And what position do you play?
Brooke: Cheerleader.
Female Bartender: Hmm, Cheerleaders and Jock's, there's gonna be a lot of hormones running around tonight.
[hands Brooke the glass]
Female Bartender: Don't go around advertising.
Brooke: Secret's safe with me.
[walks away]
Tim Smith: I'll have what she's having...
Female Bartender: Soda or Juice?
[Tim leaves and the bartender rolls her eyes]