Anna Taggaro
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Anna Taggaro (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: Unopened Letter to the World (#2.15)" (2005)
Brooke: [on video for the time capsule] Let's see, in ten years, I'll probably be married to someone like Marvin McFadden.
Anna: [looking at Mouth] Who's Marvin McFadden?
Brooke: [on video] Of course, you all probably call him Senator McFadden or something. But we just call him Mouth.

"One Tree Hill: I Will Dare (#2.5)" (2004)
Anna Taggaro: Take a photo with a stranger in a photo booth.
Lucas Scott: Hmm...
Anna Taggaro: Come on.
[They go inside the photo booth]
Anna Taggaro: So... I have a confession to make. The card doesn't say 'take a photo with a stranger in a photo booth.'
Lucas Scott: No?
Anna Taggaro: No. It says 'make out with a stranger in a photo booth.'

"One Tree Hill: Don't Take Me for Granted (#2.10)" (2004)
Anna: First they put away the dealers, then they put away the prostitutes, then they shooed away the bums, and beat and bashed the queers. Turned away asylum seekers, fed us suspicions and fears. We didn't raise our voice, we didn't make a fuss. It's funny, there was no one left to notice...
Peyton: When they came for us.