Rachel Gattina
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Rachel Gattina (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: Things I Forgot at Birth (#4.2)" (2006)
Rachel Gatina: Okay, let me get this straight. You don't have feelings for Lucas anymore, Peyton does, but she's willing to hide those feelings if you asked her to. Sounds like a pretty great friend to me.

Uncle Cooper: Is everything okay?
Rachel Gatina: Yeah, I'm fine. I was just scared that you...
Uncle Cooper: The baby Rachel, I meant is the baby okay.
Rachel Gatina: Cooper, when we were arguing, I was so angry and I was hurt. So, when I said I was pregnant I was just...
Uncle Cooper: Get out! I said get out!

Rachel Gatina: I know you saved my life.
[Nathan looks uncomfortable]
Rachel Gatina: I'm going to find a way to thank you.
Nathan Scott: You don't have to do that.
Rachel Gatina: No, I want to.
[Rachel kisses Nathan on the cheek]
Rachel Gatina: You have Cooper's eyes.

"One Tree Hill: Prom Night at Hater High (#4.15)" (2007)
Rachel Gatina: [to Brooke, about Peyton] Didn't you F her BF when you two were BFFs?

Rachel Gatina: [regarding clean teens breaking people's hearts] They should have a new slogan "We break hearts, not hymens"

Rachel Gatina: Well, it could've been worse, you could have got your ass kicked by a pregnant girl half your size.
Brooke: The day's still young.

"One Tree Hill: Good News for People Who Love Bad News (#4.3)" (2006)
Rachel Gatina: I understand why you are so angry, Haley. I used to be a fat chick with a little head too.

Rachel Gatina: I was told to say away from you
Nathan Scott: Since when do you do what your told?
Rachel Gatina: Since never. Let me guess... you liked my last kiss so much you want another.
Nathan Scott: Guess again.
[Nathan shows her his ring]

Rachel Gatina: If you're looking for Nathan... he's in my bedroom.
Haley James: If you're looking for a black eye... it's in my fist.

"One Tree Hill: The Same Deep Water as You (#4.1)" (2006)
Rachel Gatina: [eyes closed] Slut
Brooke Davis: Bitch
Rachel Gatina: Whore
Rachel Gatina: Well, I know I'm not in Heaven cause they wouldn't have let Brooke Davis's kinky ass through the gates.
Brooke Davis: And your ass wouldn't fit, at least not the old one. How are you?

Rachel Gatina: They told me that Nathan saved my life. How is he?
Haley James Scott: How is he? He's devastated, Rachel and it's all your fault!
Rachel Gatina: Haley?
Haley James Scott: I saw you in the limo with Cooper. You were arguing with him, weren't you?
Rachel Gatina: It wasn't what it looked like.
Haley James Scott: You ruined everything. You caused a huge scene at the reception. You stole the limo. And now everybody's life is worse because of you. Doesn't it even matter to you, a little bit? Are you going to change a single thing because of it? Nathan doesn't need your thanks and neither do I. So why don't you stay the hell away from us. All of us!

"One Tree Hill: The Show Must Go On (#3.22)" (2006)
Rachel Gatina: Well, well... I would like to make a toast, to Cooper's toast, about love. But, wait a minute, what could Nathan and Haley possibly know about love? I mean, they're only seventeen right? Right Cooper? You see, Cooper seems to think a seventeen year old couldn't possibly know anything about love. Of course, you know, that didn't stop him from having sex with me. Right? To sex with Cooper!

"One Tree Hill: Resolve (#4.12)" (2007)
Rachel Gatina: You screwed me over for a guy who won't screw you.
Brooke Davis: Oh, please, like I couldn't get Chase after a little...
Brooke Davis: chase.
Rachel Gatina: I think you're forgetting something. See, Chase is into smart-born-again-virgin Brooke, not stupid-slutty-I-cheated-on-the-Calculus-test Brooke.

"One Tree Hill: With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (#3.16)" (2006)
Rachel Gattina: 700 days. High School, out of 20 or 30 thousand, can't you see past that. It's only 700 days

"One Tree Hill: All Tomorrow's Parties (#3.14)" (2006)
Rachel Gattina: Well, well, looks like somebody had a rough night.
Peyton: Says the girl who poured drinks down my throat, and then dropped me off in my best friend's boyfriend's bed.
Rachel Gattina: Look, I just led you to the door sweetheart.
Peyton: We're not giant pandas, you know? You can't just put us together and expect us to mate, and do me a favor, talk soft, you got a terrible voice.

"One Tree Hill: The Wind That Blew My Heart Away (#3.13)" (2006)
Rachel Gatina: Look, um, let me help you, give you the benefit of my expertise, and teach you how to become one of the guys the elite girls drool over.
Marvin 'Mouth' McFadden: By being mean to them
Rachel Gatina: Sometimes
Marvin 'Mouth' McFadden: But I'm not that guy, Rachel, and I don't wanna be. So maybe the elite girls just aren't for me then. But one of these days I'm gonna meet a girl who really loves me. Maybe she won't be what you call hot, but I'll think she's beautiful and I'll tell her so. I won't be mean to her because I won't have to play games with her. I'll just be the guy that she can always count on and that'll be enough. And she'll be elite to me.

"One Tree Hill: Everything in Its Right Place (#4.11)" (2007)
Brooke: You still look like a slut.
Rachel Gatina: You still smell like a whore.

"One Tree Hill: Pictures of You (#4.13)" (2007)
Bevin Mirskey: What do you plan to be in 10 years?
Rachel Gatina: In ten years... I plan to be 28.

"One Tree Hill: Some You Give Away (#4.9)" (2006)
Brooke: I can't believe Whitey wouldn't let us ride the bus and thanks to Haley, we're gonna miss the game because you had to stop and pee every other mile. This sucks.
Haley James: Brooke, I'm pregnant and I'm not feeling very well.
Brooke: I don't mean it sucks because we're gonna be late, honey. I mean it sucks because Peyton's here.
Rachel Gatina: You guys seriously need to work things out. I mean when I was in fat girl therapy... maybe role play. When everyone speaks as someone else, it might help - or it could just make things really horrible - that could be fun too.
Haley James: Okay, I'll go first.
[mimicking Rachel's voice]
Haley James: My name's Rachel, and I'm a dumb ass who's failing Calculus and I really like to hit on married guys.
Rachel Gatina: See, fun. Kind of like when I slept with Nathan... damn that was good.
Brooke: Okay, Peyton here... I like to steal boys, but I'm afraid to tell them how I feel.
Peyton: Speaking of stealing... Hiii! I'm Brooke and I stole my friend Peyton's artwork so I could put it on my clothing line and I never even said 'thank you.'
Brooke: Okay, Peyton here again... have I mentioned that if you love me you're probably going to die soon? See mothers 1 and 2.
Haley James: Brooke...
Bevin Mirskey: My name's Rachel and I have red hair.

"One Tree Hill: Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye (#4.8)" (2006)
Haley James Scott: In case you were wondering, the nurse's office is still the best place to treat a venereal disease.
Rachel Gatina: It's good to know. Umm, actually, I was looking for you, I need you to tutor me.
Haley James Scott: Hah... hah... oh, God, she's serious.
Rachel Gatina: I'm failing Calculus and if I don't pass I won't graduate with my friends.
Haley James Scott: Remind me who your friends are, again?
Rachel Gatina: Look, Haley, I know we've had our differences...
Haley James Scott: You think?
Rachel Gatina: I've seen what you can do with those brain-dead losers at school and I'm actually smart, I've just skipped too many classes and I can't catch up on my own.
Haley James Scott: Well, if you're really committed to this I will be happy to recommend another tutor to you, but I can't help you personally. It's not possible.
Rachel Gatina: Well, I figured you'll be all booked up.
Haley James Scott: No, no, I've plenty of time. Hah. I just can't stand you.

"One Tree Hill: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (#4.21)" (2007)
Greeter: Name
Brooke Davis: Brooke Davis
Greeter: I have instructions to not let you in...
Brooke Davis: What! Who's dumb party is this?
Rachel Gatina: It's mine bitch, and your fat ass isn't invited!

"One Tree Hill: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (#4.6)" (2006)
Rachel Gatina: [talking about Nick] Bottom line Brooke - you'll have to deal with him.
Brooke Davis: Deal with him? Deal with him how? Car crash, drowning, what do you suggest?