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Mayor George Shinn (Character)
from The Music Man (1962)

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The Music Man (1962)
Mayor Shinn: It's as clear as a buttonhook in the well water!

Mayor Shinn: You watch your phraseology!

Mrs. Shinn: Now, George!
Mayor Shinn: Not one poop out of you, Madame!
Mrs. Shinn: [turning to Zaneeta] I think he means "peep"!
Mayor Shinn: [looks back] *Yes!*

Mayor Shinn: I couldn't make myself any plainer if I'se a Quaker on his day off!

Mrs. Shinn: [answering doorbell the Prof Hill rang] Oh, George, it's you.
Mayor Shinn: [to Prof Hill] I never had a son!
Mrs. Shinn: [not seeing Prof Hill] I never said you did.
Mayor Shinn: What would you know?
Mrs. Shinn: Well, I'd certainly know if I gave you a son!
Mayor Shinn: I wasn't talking to you.
Mrs. Shinn: Well who were you talking to?
Mayor Shinn: I was talking to-
[realizes that Prof Hill is no longer there]
Mayor Shinn: Never mind!
[Mayor Shinn storms away]
Mrs. Shinn: Zaneta, call the doctor for your father.

Tommy Djilas: Mayor Shinn, your honor, your daughter and I have been going steady behind your back.
Mayor Shinn: What?
Tommy Djilas: We'd rather be doing it in front of your back.
Mayor Shinn: Doing what?
Tommy Djilas: Well...
Mayor Shinn: Never mind!

Citizens of River City: Good morning, Mayor Shinn!
Mayor Shinn: It is if you wanna go around in your drawers all day!

Mayor Shinn: [referring to Harold Hill] He's slipperier'n a *Mississippi... sturgeon*!

The Music Man (2003) (TV)
[repeated line]
Mayor Shinn: You watch your phraseology!

[last lines]
Mayor Shinn: Eulalie, sit down!
Mrs. Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn: [Sits, then rises again]
Mayor Shinn: And the rest of you. Standing there like a cote of Shropshire sheep. Have you people forgotten how you bought expensive uniforms, technical instruction books, and high priced band instruments? Have you forgotten the clear understanding and warranty that your children would be taught to play in a band? Well, where's the band? WHERE'S THE BAND?
[band marches in with much commotion. Marion hands Harold a baton]
Professor Harold Hill: Think, men. Think. One, two...
[the band plays - if you can call that playing. Excitement and approval grow]
Mrs. Squires: That's my Barney. That tuba's my Barney!
Mrs. Paroo: Just look at him! He sounds wonderful!
Mrs. Squires: Thank you!
Woman in front row: Linus, play to me, son! Play to me!
Unseen man in crowd: Thataway, Steve!
Tommy Djilas: That's Eddie's clarinet!
Alma Hix: Davey! My Davey!
Unseen man in crowd: That's my Garrett!
Mayor Shinn: Mrs Paroo, that's Winthrop.
[Band marches down the street playing 76 Trombones]