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Quotes for
Simon (Character)
from Grand Canyon (1991)

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Grand Canyon (1991)
Simon: This neighborhood is gone to shit.
Mack: This country is gone to shit.

Simon: I've gotta ask you for a favor. Let me go my way here. This truck's my responsibility, and now that the car's hooked up to it, it's my responsibility too.
Rocstar: Do you think I'm stupid? Just answer that question first.
Simon: Look, I don't know nothing about you; you don't know nothing about me. I don't know if you're stupid, or some kind of genius. All I know is that I need to get out of here, and you got the gun. So I'm asking you, for the second time, let me go my way here.
Rocstar: I'm gonna grant you that favor, and I'm gonna expect you to remember it if we ever meet again. But tell me this, are you asking me as a sign of respect, or are you asking because I've got the gun?
Simon: Man, the world ain't supposed to work like this. I mean, maybe you don't know that yet. I'm supposed to be able to do my job without having to ask you if I can. That dude is supposed to be able to wait with his car without you ripping him off. Everything is supposed to be different than it is.
Rocstar: So what's your answer?
Simon: You ain't got the gun, we ain't having this conversation.
Rocstar: That's what I thought: no gun, no respect. That's why I always got the gun.

[last lines]
[as Mack and Simon and their wives and families look at the Grand Canyon]
Simon: So what do you think?
Mack: I think it's not all bad.

[while Mack waits for his car to be serviced at a local gas station, he and tow truck driver Simon sit in the parking lot discussing his family and the Grand Canyon]
Simon: [chuckles] Man, get yourself to the Grand Canyon.
Mack: Beautiful, huh?
Simon: Eh, it's pretty, all right, but that's not the thing of it. You can sit right on the edge of it, you know? I-I did that. I did everything: I went down in it, I stayed overnight there. But the thing that got me was sitting on the edge of that big old thing. Those rocks. Yeah, those cliffs and rocks is so old. Took so long for that thing to get to look like that... and it ain't done either, you know? It happens right while you're sitting there watching it. It's happening right now while we're sitting here in this ugly town.
[Simon finishes his soda and throws the can into the dumpster across the parking lot]
Simon: [sighs] When you sit on the edge of that thing, you just realize what a joke we people are. What big heads we got thinking that what we do is gonna matter all that much. Thinking our time here means diddly to those rocks. It's a split second we been here, the whole lot of us. And one of us? That's a piece of time too small to give a name.
Mack: You trying to cheer me up?
Simon: Yeah, those rocks are laughing at me, I could tell. Me and my worries, it's real humorous to that Grand Canyon. Hey, you know what I felt like? I felt like a gnat that lands on the ass of a cow that's chewing its cud next to the road that you ride by on at 70 miles an hour.
Mack: [laughs] Small.

Mack: [about a possible trip to the Grand Canyon] We were planning to take my boy.
Simon: How old is he?
Mack: 15.
Simon: 15? Probably won't wanna go with you now. Probably go with his friends and his chick now. You've missed that boat.

Rocstar: Is that right, you dissin' me?
Simon: No, I'm not. Nothin' like it. I'm doin' a job here, fella. This is how I make my living. I just ride out there and do the job. I want it to go as smooth as it can be. I don't like it to be any harder than it already is.