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Quotes for
Rob (Character)
from "Will & Grace" (1998)

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"Will & Grace: Pilot (#1.1)" (1998)
Rob: [Playing $25,000 Pyramid] Go!
Will Truman: Ok, ok. Uh...
[Reading the Card]
Will Truman: Oh, driftwood. Uh... John Wayne. Your parents' marriage.
Grace Adler: Things that are dead.
Will Truman: Yes. Uh... my one night stand on Fire Island.
Grace Adler: Latin things!
Will Truman: Good. Uh... The postcard I sent you from Italy. Uh, "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M
Grace Adler: Oh! Things that make you cry!
Will Truman: Yes. Um... Professor Gopnick's teeth...
Grace Adler: Things that are yellow!
Will Truman: Yes. And, uh... a cane. Uh, uh, a railing.
Grace Adler: Huh? No, come on, give me another clue!
Will Truman: Uh... each other.
Grace Adler: Things that you lean on!

Ellen: So, Will, have you seen Michael since you two broke up?
Will Truman: Uh...
Grace Adler: No, he hasn't, but I have. Michael's not doing well. He got fat, he's depressed, cheap haircuts, not good. Actually it's really sad.
Rob: What are you talking about? I just saw him. He looks great.
Grace Adler: Uh, Rob... you're dismissed.
Will Truman: Thanks for trying, sweetie.
Grace Adler: His haircut really was awful.

Rob: [to Will] You didn't tell me Jack was moving in with you.
Will Truman: Not moving in. He's just staying with me till his apartment's finished.
Jurgen Franzblau: [Humming] Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm.
Jack McFarland: Oh, I know that one! I know - Uh,
Jack McFarland: Did he need a stronger hand...
Will Truman: Yeah. Jack. He's not humming your intro, ok? That's just a straight guy's way of thinking that you and I could ever be a couple.

"Will & Grace: Lows in the Mid-Eighties (#3.8)" (2000)
Will: Hey, Rob, tell me, does my butt look huge in these jeans?
Rob: I don't know.
Will: No, seriously, am I shaped like a pear?
Rob: Dude, I'm a guy, I don't know. Just get some pants that fit and leave me alone.