Marilyn Truman
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Marilyn Truman (Character)
from "Will & Grace" (1998)

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"Will & Grace: Home Court Disadvantage (#6.3)" (2003)
Will Truman: Mom, I'm worried about you. You're sitting here alone in the dark. You-your ornamental gourds are all askew. And - And are you not wearing a bra?
Marilyn Truman: Oh, I have it on. It's just around my waist. I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get the rest of that sandwich out of my bed.

[all singing]
Will Truman: Mamma Mia, here I go again.
Jack McFarland: My, my, how can I resist ya?
Marilyn Truman: Mamma Mia, does it show again?
Will/Jack/Marilyn: My, my, just how much I missed ya!

"Will & Grace: From Queer to Eternity (#7.22)" (2005)
Marilyn Truman: Oh Grace, have you seen this new show "Desperate Housewives"?
Marilyn Truman: My friends and I play this drinking game when we watch it. You know, one shot every fives minutes.

"Will & Grace: Christmas Break (#7.12)" (2004)
[Grace broke Marilyn's Lladro figurine at a party and hid it under her couch]
Marilyn Truman: I have some very sad news, Will. Fiona was cleaning after the party yesterday -
[starts crying]
Marilyn Truman: and she found Ouisan in pieces on the floor. Ouisan is dead, Will. She's dead!
Grace: Ouisan? Well, she sounds like someone who was ready to go anyway.
Marilyn Truman: She was a very rare Lladro figurine. And somebody broke her. Oh, I bet it was that Skippy Faber, the clumsy drunk. Grace, you were talking to her. Was she slurring?
Grace: Uh, a little. But I really couldn't tell 'cause she was...
[raises her arms stiffly]
Grace: stumbling around and waving her arms.
Marilyn Truman: I knew it! I am going to wait until April and pour bleach on her roses.
Will: Well, hey, that's something to look forward to.
Marilyn Truman: I'm just going to splash some cold water on my face, and then I'll be going.
[exits crying]
Will: [whispers to Grace] This is perfect! This is what happens when you keep your mouth shut. Skippy Faber takes the fall!
Grace: So, that's it? I just let Skippy hang for my crime?
Grace: Ah, she's German. We'll just call it even.