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Quotes for
Raymond Marble (Character)
from Pink Flamingos (1972)

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Pink Flamingos (1972)
Connie Marble: Oh, I love you Raymond. I love you more than anything in this whole world. I love you more than my own filthiness, more than my own hair color. Oh God, I love you more than the sound of bones breaking, the sound of death rattle - even more than the sound of my own shit do I love you, Raymond.
Raymond Marble: And I, Connie, also love you more than anything that I could ever imagine: more than my hair color, more than the sound of babies crying, of dogs dying - even more than the thought of original sind itself. I am yours, Connie, eternally united through an invisible core of finely woven filth, that even God himself could never ever break.

Connie Marble: Nothing but these fucking jerk-off hippies on the road today. Oh, where are their little pig girlfriends! God, I just get so tired, driving around - driving around.
Channing: Here's one up ahead
Connie Marble: PULL OVER!
Raymond Marble: Ooh, yeah she looks real good
Connie Marble: and she'll do just fine
Linda: thanks
[getting in car]
Linda: Hi, wow, where'd you get this beautiful car?
Raymond Marble: At a car dealer, where did you think?
Connie Marble: Where are you going?
Linda: Oh, just downtown, anywhere near Howard Street
Connie Marble: Oh, meeting someone?
Linda: Yeah
Connie Marble: WHO?
Linda: My boyfriend and a couple of other guys, why?
Raymond Marble: Going to a gang bang or something?
Linda: What! Hey, what's with you two?
Connie Marble: We just wondered where you were planning to spread your V.D. today, that's all, hussy!
Linda: I don't think THAT'S necessary...
Connie Marble: Oh you don't, huh? Well, how'd you like to fuck my chauffer? He's got a real horse dick on him!
Channing: [offended] HEY, Connie.
Linda: Hey let me out right here, this is fine...
Raymond Marble: This isn't downtown!
Connie Marble: We're nowhere NEAR downtown, what's the matter, you afraid it ain't BIG ENOUGH for ya?

Raymond Marble: [Connie falls off a couch] Connie! Connie, are you alright?
Connie Marble: What happened, Raymond? What happened?
Raymond Marble: The couch, it... it rejected you!
Connie Marble: Something's wrong, Raymond! Something's terribly wrong!