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Quotes for
Taffy Davenport (Character)
from Female Trouble (1974)

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Female Trouble (1974)
Gator: Hey Taffy, baby, come suck your daddy's dick.
Taffy: I wouldn't suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!

Taffy Davenport: Daddy? Daddy? It's me Taffy!
Earl Peterson: I don't know nobody named Taffy. I'm busy right now.
Taffy Davenport: Oh, please let me in, Daddy! Open the door!
Earl Peterson: Ah, fucking shut up! Alright already!
Taffy Davenport: [jumping into his arms] Daddy, it's me Taffy, your long, lost little girl!
Earl Peterson: Hey, get off! I ain't your daddy! I ain't even married!
Taffy Davenport: Oh, I know that, but you're my daddy alright. My mother told me. My mother is Dawn Davenport.
Earl Peterson: Yeah, you can stay here awhile. Want a drink?
Taffy Davenport: NO! You don't even believe me, do you?
Earl Peterson: Yeah, yeah. I'll be your sugar daddy, how about that?
[belches in Taffy's face]
Earl Peterson: I'm feelin' a little drink, so don't mind me.
Taffy Davenport: Shitface! You're my father! Doesn't that mean anything to you?
Earl Peterson: Who'd you say your mother was?
Taffy Davenport: Dawn Davenport. You know her.
Earl Peterson: What does she look like?
Taffy Davenport: Fat. Very fat.
Earl Peterson: Yeah, yeah. I maybe remember.
Taffy Davenport: Oh, daddy! I knew you would! Mother's been awful to me. For years, I've suffered. Please let me stay with you. I won't be any trouble. I'll help you clean and we can go out together and maybe... maybe you can buy me some regular clothes.
Earl Peterson: Can you fuck as good as your mother?
Taffy Davenport: [slaps Earl across the face] PIG! You goddamn slimy pig!
Earl Peterson: Hey, little Taffy, can you stretch like taffy?
Taffy Davenport: [struggling] Fuck you.
Earl Peterson: Hey, you spilled my drink!
[pulls out his syphillitic penis]
Earl Peterson: Daddy Earl's got a little present for you.
Earl Peterson: [vomits on Taffy] I'm sorry... I been drinking.
Taffy Davenport: [sees butcher knife and begins stabbing Earl in the chest]
[cries uncontrollably]
Taffy Davenport: OH! OH!
Taffy Davenport: [throws knife down and runs from house]

Taffy: Writing a book, hippie? Why don't you go listen to some folk music and give me a break!

Taffy Davenport: What's that camera for?
Donald Dasher: To take pictures of your mother.
Taffy Davenport: HER?
Donald Dasher: We happen to think she's quite beautiful.
Taffy Davenport: You must be cockeyed, then! HEY, lady! Have some CHIPS!
Donna Dasher: Really, I couldn't. Thanks, but uh, no thanks.
Taffy Davenport: (mockingly) Nuh NYEHH nuh NYEEHHH.
Dawn Davenport: You want your spaghetti with or without cheese?
Donna Dasher: I'll have two chicken breasts please.
Dawn Davenport: Well, uh, we're not having that, we're having spaghetti.
Donna Dasher: I couldn't possibly eat spaghetti, do I look Italian?
Donald Dasher: We rarely eat any form of noodle. But I'll take a small portion to be polite, with cheese, please.
Donna Dasher: I'll have an extremely large glass of ice-water.

Taffy Davenport: If I have to eat with Gater, I'll spit food!

Taffy: [showing up at Superstar nightclub dressed in saffron robes] Hare Krishna, mother!
Dawn Davenport: You've finally done it, haven't you! Embarrassed me on my night of FAME!
[grabbing her]
Dawn Davenport: No reporters saw you did they
[Taffy shaking off her mother's hands]
Dawn Davenport: Look at you, I could vomit!
Donna Dasher: Remember Alice Crimmins.

Taffy: You're not my daddy, you disgusting hippie pig! And I wouldn't get near a bed that had been defiled by the likes of you two! I'd sooner jump in a river of snot!

Gator: Hi, brat. Is your mother home? I've a little going away present for her.
Taffy: [after spitting in his face] Hey, Mother, there's a shithead here to see you!