Mrs. Brisby
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Biography for
Mrs. Brisby (Character)
from The Secret of NIMH (1982)

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Mrs. Brisby, the widowed spouse of the late Jonathan Brisby, who was killed while attempting to drug Dragon, the cat that belongs to Farmer Fitzgibbons and his family. Mrs. Brisby is a brown-tan colored field mouse, she has blue eyes and wears a red cloak which is tied around her neck. She lives in a partially underground cinder block on the Ftizgibbon's farm with her four children Martin, Teresa, Cynthia and Timothy. Mrs. Brisby has a heart of pure gold. She is extrremely loving and kind, even to those who are annoying and treat her with hostility, not even Jenner can fade her modesty.

Mrs. Brisby and her family seem to live a very quiet and peaceful life. They have it made, a nice home, food and everything they could ever need at their fingertips. Mrs. Brisby befriends Jeremy, the crow, who is very obnoxious. Mrs. Brisby being modest and kind, finds a place in her heart for Jeremy. He may be loud and disruptive but even he too needs a friend. Mrs. Brisby knows an old mouse by the name of Mr. Ages, he was an old friend of Jonathan's before he was killed. Mr. Ages is very hostile when it comes to most people but you can tell that he does have his heart in the right place.

Mrs. Brisby was taught to read a little bit by Jonathan. When she reads Nicodedemus' journal, she finds out how Jonathan was killed, this takes a lot of emotional weight away from her. Mrs. Brisby has no super powers but does have a tremendous amount of will and courage for such a small animal. She faces creatures and obstacles that would normally get a regular mouse killed, even knowing this, she still pursues any solution to save her family from certain death. Mrs. Brisby is a very believable character, she gets injured, extremely frightened and becomes very stressed at times. She puts so much emotional fatigue upon herself out of love, just to save her family, to her, love is and will always be the key.

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