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Auntie Shrew (Character)
from The Secret of NIMH (1982)

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The Secret of NIMH (1982)
Mrs. Brisby: Auntie Shrew what's going on?
Auntie Shrew: Indeed!
Mrs. Brisby: Please come back inside.
Auntie Shrew: Not for a king's ransom. I just have one thing to say
[pointing at Martin]
Auntie Shrew: that child is a brat.
Mrs. Brisby: Yes, I will speak to him.
Auntie Shrew: I came here to inform you that the frost is off the ground, and moving day is at hand. Prepare to move your very very odd family. Good day.

Auntie Shrew: Cast not pearls before swine, I always say, and that includes insolent piglets!

Auntie Shrew: Run! The plow is here! Run for your lives! Run! It's moving day!

Jeremy: You can't leave me here like this. There's a ca-cat... there's a ca-ca... he's very big, and he might... and he might... Ungh!
Auntie Shrew: Good! Good riddance. Teresa! Martin! That's the least you deserve.
Teresa: Auntie.
Auntie Shrew: There you are! Keep an eye on this hooligan, make sure he doesn't get away until I can get help. And as for you, you black buzzard, I wouldn't try anything. I shall return.

Auntie Shrew: The Great Owl would know what to do about this. You must go see him.
Mrs. Brisby: I couldn't do that. Owls eat mice.
Auntie Shrew: Well, my child, show a little courage. We're fighting for Timmy's life.

Auntie Shrew: Why me, that I alone should be responsible for the welfare of the entire field? It's monstrous!

[Mrs. Brisby listens to the farmer start the tractor]
Auntie Shrew: What did I tell you? Moving day.
Mrs. Brisby: It can't be.
Auntie Shrew: It certainly can. I don't supposed you've packed.
Mrs. Brisby: What about Timmy? The chill in the air could kill him.
Auntie Shrew: Well, child, that tractor surely will. For the last time, get your children out of here before it's too late.

Martin: I'm not afraid of the dark!
Auntie Shrew: Martin!
Martin: I'm not afraid of the farmer!
Auntie Shrew: I can't hear!
Martin: I'm not afraid of Dragon. I'm not even afraid of... of the Great Owl!
Auntie Shrew: Oh, hush up!
Martin: Ah, you hush up!
Auntie Shrew: Precocious monster!
Martin: Bossy bullfrog!
Auntie Shrew: Spoiled brat!
Martin: Loudmouth!

Jeremy: Well, uh, let me explain! Oh, what a lovely hat you're wearing!
Auntie Shrew: Don't you sweet-talk me!

Auntie Shrew: You think the world owes you a living, right?
Jeremy: Right!
Auntie Shrew: Wrong!
Jeremy: Wrong! Oh!

Auntie Shrew: I shall... return!

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue (1998) (V)
10 Year Old Timmy: Wow what a shot!
[after watching the slingshot hit the acorns on the tree branches]
Young Martin: Just set your sights, concentrate on the target and let er rip. Come on Timmy you can do this, aim a little higher now, and fire!
[Timmy struggles to pull the slingshot but the sling snaps back and hits his head knocking him to the ground]
Young Martin: Ha ha ha, that's using your head hero. I know you're trying. Just remember some try Brisbys do.
[Timmy gets back up and Martin gives the slingshot back to Timmy]
10 Year Old Timmy: When I grow up, I wanna be just like you Martin.
Young Martin: Yeah well, everybody's got a different mouse in mind.
10 Year Old Timmy: I can do it just like Whoa!
[Then Auntie Shrew calls out Timmy's name]
Auntie Shrew: Timmy!
[Tim slips and accidentally fires a slingshot and shoots a pebble in the sky]

Jeremy: So long everybody!
10 Year Old Timmy: Bye Martin!
[Then Jeremy runs and flaps his wings]
Jeremy: Okay, little momentous hold on to my feathers. Here we go Whoa! High horse altitude we're right at it. Okay everybody boom! We have liftoff! Yo! Alright!
[Everybody gasps as Jeremy flies and dives down and then flies right up]
Auntie Shrew: Oh no.
Mrs. Jonathan Brisby: Watch over our son Jonathan.
Auntie Shrew: We'll my nephew's off to a grand future, what a lucky boy.
Young Martin: Yeah! Lucky's right! I'm older and stronger, but he gets to go!
Mrs. Jonathan Brisby: It's not our decision Martin.
Auntie Shrew: The Great Nicodemus foretold it.
Young Martin: Big hairy deal! Just because some old rat...
Auntie Shrew: Don't be rude! Nicodemus wasn't just some old rat young man! He was the...
Young Martin: I don't care who he was? I have a destiny too! It's just not fair!
[Martin runs off]
Auntie Shrew: Oh!
Mrs. Jonathan Brisby: Martin!
Jeremy: Oh the heck with him. He always was a rude little piglet.