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Quotes for
Julie (Character)
from Jawbreaker (1999)

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Jawbreaker (1999)
Julie: It's just weird how time erases things.
Fern: Time doesn't erase things, people erase things.
Julie: Yeah, people erase people.

Courtney: Wait a minute.
Julie: What?
Courtney: Rape... they'll check to se if she was raped right? Maybe Liz had a friend over, you know, Mommy and Daddy's last night away, maybe he's from school, maybe not. But definitely into kink. He got a little rough, went a little to far, you know, there's a fine line between pleasure and pain. She screamed for help, but no one could hear her. Her screams were muffled by the huge candy ball, she tried, but there was nothing, only sugary sweet death.
Marcie: Oh my God, that like, totally gave me the chills.

Julie: How can you do that? Frame some guy for Liz's murder?
Courtney: Life's a bitch, then you die.
Julie: No, honey. You're the bitch!
Courtney: [leans in tauntingly] Oh, so aggressive! It's turning me on!

Courtney: Listen bitch, one word and you're over, I mean that.
Julie: I'm not scared of you anymore Courtney.
Courtney: We saw you, we all know you did it.
Julie: No one will ever believe you!
Courtney: Ask Fern, ask Marcie... We saw everything.
Julie: You fucking liar.
Courtney: One word, and you perish, I promise you that... Toodles!

Marcie: AHH! She is gonna die! This is so much better then what we did last year!
Courtney: I wish *I* had friends that would do this for *me*!
Julie: Yeah right! You'd have us killed!
Courtney: Brutally maimed, my dear.

[Julie approaches Fern, now turned into Vylette, who in turn is with Courtney and Marcie]
Marcie: Do you smell something?
Julie: Hi, Fern.
Marcie: Fern? We don't know a Fern.
Vylette: My name's Vylette.
Julie: What?
Vylette: My name's Vylette.
Courtney: Learn it.
Marcie: Live it.
Marcie, Courtney: Love it.

Julie: It's over Courtney.
Courtney: I am petrified.