Jessica Shepard
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Jessica Shepard (Character)
from Twisted (2004/I)

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Twisted (2004/I)
[last lines]
Jessica Shepard: [cradling a drugged hypothermic Mike] I'm so sorry I thought you were the guy.
Mike Delmarco: [smiles] I am the guy.

Wilson Jefferson: [Over the radio] We heard everything, commissioner.
Jessica Shepard: [smugly] You remember my old patrol partner Wilson don't you?

John Mills: [his last line aiming his gun at Mike] TEST
Jessica Shepard: NO
[shoots him off the dock]

Jessica Shepard: Step away from Mike
John Mills: Don't you understand?
Jessica Shepard: Understand what?
John Mills: [shouts] I'M DOING THIS FOR YOU!

Jessica Shepard: You killed them all
John Mills: They were scum... they didn't deserve you

[first lines]
Edmund Cutler: [knife to her neck] I can hear your heart beating. Sounds like you've got an animal in your chest, trying to get out. Sounds like blood. Sounds like flesh.
[starts unzipping her jacket]
Edmund Cutler: What's this? *What* *is* *this*?
Jessica Shepard: It's my gun.
[suddenly overpowers him and he's on the ground]
Edmund Cutler: Don't hurt me!