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Jake Hardin (Character)
from Just My Luck (2006)

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Just My Luck (2006)
Jake Hardin: [sees Ashley put in one side of the light bulb] And she should've turned the light off because now she's going to be...
Ashley Albright: [light sparks] AAAAAAAAAA!
Jake Hardin: ...electrocuted.
Jake Hardin: [catching Ashley as she falls backwards] Hi.
Ashley Albright: [gasps] Oh, my God... Hi.

Jake Hardin: You're firing me? You don't even pay me.
Harry Judd: Look, Jake, you're good, I mean, you did find us. But it's just...
Jake Hardin: But? What's the but?
Tom Fletcher: But we just think it's time to go home
Jake Hardin: No! You can't go back home. We're this close
Tom Fletcher: We haven't had any lucky breaks here and...
Danny Jones: Yea, poor Doug misses his mum
McFly: Yea
Danny Jones: He does, he cries every night
Danny Jones: [Dougie punches Danny] Ah
Jake Hardin: One week. How's that? one week. You give me one week, and if I can't make it happen for you guys by then, then I get it. We're done. You can go back home. No hard feelings. One week.
Tom Fletcher: Ok. One week
Jake Hardin: One week
Tom Fletcher: One week
Jake Hardin: All right, get some rest guys
Danny Jones: Your mum's going to have to wait one more week Doug! hahaa
Jake Hardin: One week.

Jake Hardin: [knocks wall] Okay, look, I know you guys are nervous, that's fine just...
Dougie Poynter: Hold that thought...
[grabs bucket, throws up]
Tom Fletcher: Good idea
[grabs bin, throws up]
Danny Jones: wow
Jake Hardin: Air fresh... air freshener...

Jake Hardin: So, other than, uh, you know getting zapped, how's the job working out?
Ashley Albright: Oh, I can't complain.
Jake Hardin: That's good.
Ashley Albright: No, I mean, I'm literally not allowed to complain. I had to sign something.

Jake Hardin: [to Dana about Ashley] I was... just about to ask this lovely lady to dance.

Damon Phillips: You saved my life, Spider-Man.
Jake Hardin: Ah, it was nothing, really.
Damon Phillips: No, it was something. There's gotta be a way I can repay you, man.

Jake Hardin: [to himself] Is it me or did I just get lucky?

Jake Hardin: This is my new apartment?
Tiffany: I know it's pretty amazing. Home theatre, satellite TV. And at night, with the lights down low, let's just say this place is pretty mind blowing.

Jake Hardin: Look, I know a job if you're looking for one.
Ashley Albright: Really? What's the scam?
Jake Hardin: No scam.
Ashley Albright: Well, do you want me to join your religion or something?
Jake Hardin: No, no religion stuff. It's just a job. You know, a bad job. Crummy pay for crummy hours.
Ashley Albright: It still doesn't answer my question: What's the scam?
Jake Hardin: Let's just say I know what it's like to be S.O.L.
Ashley Albright: "S.O.L."?
Jake Hardin: "Shit out of luck".
Ashley Albright: What makes you think I'm S.O.L.? Just because I spilt the salt back there?
Jake Hardin: [points to the "Wet Paint" sign on the bench that Ashley is sitting on] Yeah.
Ashley Albright: [groans] Oh...
Jake Hardin: Look, where you are now.... I've been there. Been there? I lived there. I was kinda the Mayor of there.
Jake Hardin: I'm Jake.
Ashley Albright: Ashley. Oh, God.
Jake Hardin: No, you got it.
Ashley Albright: Oh, my gosh.
Jake Hardin: Looks great on you.
Ashley Albright: Can anything else... I mean, to be honest, I'm not really dressed for a job interview right now.
Jake Hardin: For this one, I think you'll be fine.
Ashley Albright: Okay.
Jake Hardin: Want to check it out?
Ashley Albright: Why are you so nice?
Jake Hardin: What? Look, I mean, shit out of luck. That's my thing.

Jake Hardin: [as Ashley is changing a light bulb] See that's not good. She should have gone up without the bulb and brought down the old one because now she's gonna be juggling...

Jake Hardin: Can I give you a ride?
Ashley Albright: I only live twenty nine blocks from here.
Jake Hardin: Uh, at least take my umbrella.
Ashley Albright: I already have one.
Jake Hardin: You know, I got a washer-dryer, uh... microwave popcorn, satellite T.V.
Ashley Albright: No, I... I really shouldn't.
Jake Hardin: Look, I don't do this for just anybody, but I'll even throw in some hot chocolate with those little tiny marshmallows.
Ashley Albright: I love the little marshmallows.
Jake Hardin: How about you toss the lighting rod and get in.
Ashley Albright: Ooh...
Ashley Albright: Thank you.

Jake Hardin: We've sold out the Hard Rock!

Jake Hardin: I've been the luckiest guy in the world.

Ashley Albright: [Jake goes to kiss Ashley again] No, no, no. no. I have to go now.
Jake Hardin: Uh... Now?

[repeated line]
Jake Hardin: Taxi!