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Ashley Albright (Character)
from Just My Luck (2006)

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Just My Luck (2006)
Jake Hardin: [sees Ashley put in one side of the light bulb] And she should've turned the light off because now she's going to be...
Ashley Albright: [light sparks] AAAAAAAAAA!
Jake Hardin: ...electrocuted.
Jake Hardin: [catching Ashley as she falls backwards] Hi.
Ashley Albright: [gasps] Oh, my God... Hi.

Ashley Albright: Dana, how's my 'scope?
Dana: Leo, Leo... *tuts* Your moon is in Uranus.
Dana: Ooo.
Ashley Albright: Doesn't sound pretty.

Ashley Albright: Jake... Jake is the guy I kissed at the masquerade bash.
Dana: Uh-uh.
Ashley Albright: Yes!
Dana: No!
Ashley Albright: Yes!
Ashley Albright: No!
Ashley Albright: Yes.
Dana: Yes. That's great. He's hot.
Ashley Albright: You don't understand. If I kiss Jake, it's hello fabulous carefree life.
Dana: And that's a problem.

Ashley Albright: Here we go again. Maggie you've known me since Seventh Grade, right? Okay, will you please tell her that I'm not lucky.
Maggie: Well, you were voted prom queen at Franklin High.
Ashley Albright: So?
Maggie: We went to Jefferson!

Jake Hardin: So, other than, uh, you know getting zapped, how's the job working out?
Ashley Albright: Oh, I can't complain.
Jake Hardin: That's good.
Ashley Albright: No, I mean, I'm literally not allowed to complain. I had to sign something.

Ashley Albright: Ever since this masquerade bash, it's like I'm the Anti-Midas, and everything I touch turns to crap.

[first lines]
Ashley Albright: Good morning, Oscar.

David Pennington: Hold it.
[Ashley holds the elevator]
David Pennington: Thanks.
Ashley Albright: You're welcome.

David Pennington: Promise you'll be there. Six o'clock.
Ashley Albright: Okay. I'll be the red head that looks like this.

Ashley Albright: [finding a dress with her dry cleaning] This isn't mine.
Dana: Who's is it?
Ashley Albright: [reading the tag] Sarah Jessica Parker's.
[Maggie screams]
Dana: What?
Ashley Albright: I'm not kidding.
Maggie: I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker lived in your building.
Dana: Oh, my God. And look, it's Dolce.
Ashley Albright: Oh, my gosh. I can return it tomorrow.
Dana: Let me look. Ah, yes. Your size. What are the odds?
Maggie: Don't be jealous.
Ashley Albright: You know, this might actually look cute on me.
Maggie: You can totally wear it tonight.
Dana: I'm gonna need some chocolate now.
Maggie: I'm gonna need some milk.
Ashley Albright: I'm gonna try on the dress.

Ashley Albright: [seeing a helicopter] I thought we were taking a jet.
David Pennington: This takes us to the jet.
Ashley Albright: Oh... This is definitely going in my diary.

Dana: So did you?
Ashley Albright: Okay, David Pennington is a gentleman. We kissed.
Dana: Boring.
Ashley Albright: [to Zuki] Check please, Zuki.
Zuki, Japanese Maitre D': Okay.
Ashley Albright: Thank you.
Maggie: So was it a normal kiss or was it a supernatural tingling in your toes butterflies in your tummy kiss.
Ashley Albright: It was enough to get him to ask me on another date.
[Zuki hands Ashley the bill]
Dana: No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh.
Ashley Albright: [to her company credit card] Wait, what's that?
[to Dana and Maggie]
Ashley Albright: Señor Platibum says lunch is on him.
Dana: I can't stand this.
Ashley Albright: What?
Dana: And now on top of everything else Peggy Braden has given you world wide buying power. There's positive energy and then there's just plain dumb luck.

Maggie: [after Jake kisses Ashley and takes away her good luck] Ashley, who was that?
Ashley Albright: Umm... I honestly don't know.
Maggie: You were just kissing that guy, you honestly don't know?
Ashley Albright: Yeah, yeah.
[the heel of Ashley's shoe snaps]
Ashley Albright: Oh!
Maggie: What?
Ashley Albright: My shoe.

Party Detective: Ashley Albright?
Ashley Albright: I'm afraid to say yes.
Party Detective: You're under arrest.
Ashley Albright: Is this about Sarah Jessica Parker's dress?

Ashley Albright: Is this your floor too?
Tough Jailbird: What did you say?
[punches her]

Ashley Albright: [to Maggie] Oh... I never noticed. Is your cat all black?
Maggie: Yeah. Why?
Ashley Albright: Just curious. Well this is nice. We'll have fun. Everything's gonna be... Oh, my god.
Dana: What?
Ashley Albright: I have a zit. I have a zit. Girls, I have a zit!
[Ashley's hair gets caught in the hair dryer and she smashes the bathroom window]
Dana: Ash, are you okay in there?
Ashley Albright: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Dana: Ashley? Ash!
[Ashley causes the lights in the entire building to blackout]

Madame Z: Look, did anything unusual happen at that party?
Ashley Albright: Oh... Well besides the fact that I tore my dress, nearly choked to death, and the felony charges... no.
Madame Z: Yikes! How about before that?
Ashley Albright: Well, I mean, I kissed a cute guy, but... that's hardly unusual. Wait a second. You said I could lose it to someone else, right? So does that mean he took my luck from me?
Madame Z: Maybe he needed it more than you.
Ashley Albright: So he stole it? That little whack-kissing bandit! No, that is just my luck, okay? And you're going to help me and tell me how to get it back.
Madame Z: Me? Well, let's see. Uh... If he took it from you with a kiss... Then it stands to reason...
Ashley Albright: What?

Maggie: Because when one door closes...
Ashley Albright: ...Two others open.

Jake Hardin: Look, I know a job if you're looking for one.
Ashley Albright: Really? What's the scam?
Jake Hardin: No scam.
Ashley Albright: Well, do you want me to join your religion or something?
Jake Hardin: No, no religion stuff. It's just a job. You know, a bad job. Crummy pay for crummy hours.
Ashley Albright: It still doesn't answer my question: What's the scam?
Jake Hardin: Let's just say I know what it's like to be S.O.L.
Ashley Albright: "S.O.L."?
Jake Hardin: "Shit out of luck".
Ashley Albright: What makes you think I'm S.O.L.? Just because I spilt the salt back there?
Jake Hardin: [points to the "Wet Paint" sign on the bench that Ashley is sitting on] Yeah.
Ashley Albright: [groans] Oh...
Jake Hardin: Look, where you are now.... I've been there. Been there? I lived there. I was kinda the Mayor of there.
Jake Hardin: I'm Jake.
Ashley Albright: Ashley. Oh, God.
Jake Hardin: No, you got it.
Ashley Albright: Oh, my gosh.
Jake Hardin: Looks great on you.
Ashley Albright: Can anything else... I mean, to be honest, I'm not really dressed for a job interview right now.
Jake Hardin: For this one, I think you'll be fine.
Ashley Albright: Okay.
Jake Hardin: Want to check it out?
Ashley Albright: Why are you so nice?
Jake Hardin: What? Look, I mean, shit out of luck. That's my thing.

Jake Hardin: Can I give you a ride?
Ashley Albright: I only live twenty nine blocks from here.
Jake Hardin: Uh, at least take my umbrella.
Ashley Albright: I already have one.
Jake Hardin: You know, I got a washer-dryer, uh... microwave popcorn, satellite T.V.
Ashley Albright: No, I... I really shouldn't.
Jake Hardin: Look, I don't do this for just anybody, but I'll even throw in some hot chocolate with those little tiny marshmallows.
Ashley Albright: I love the little marshmallows.
Jake Hardin: How about you toss the lighting rod and get in.
Ashley Albright: Ooh...
Ashley Albright: Thank you.

Ashley Albright: [to Jake] What can I say? I am a pathetic disaster and I give up.

Ashley Albright: Wait, you're Katie?
Katy: Last time I checked.

Ashley Albright: [Jake goes to kiss Ashley again] No, no, no. no. I have to go now.
Jake Hardin: Uh... Now?

Ashley Albright: Taxi!
[a mass of taxi's stop]
Ashley Albright: Sorry, I was just checking something.

Ashley Albright: Yes, my luck is back.

Ashley Albright: [knocks someone over] Oh, my God!

Ashley Albright: [to Maggie and Dana] Ta-dah! Last one in stock and just my size. Lucky, huh?

Ashley Albright: My bad!