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Myrtle Bagot (Character)
from Brief Encounter (1945)

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Brief Encounter (1945)
Myrtle Bagot: [smacks her on the backside] Albert Godby, how dare you!
Albert Godby: I couldn't resist it!
Myrtle Bagot: Oh, well, trouble you for keeping your hands to yourself!
Albert Godby: Oh, you blushing - oh, you look wonderful when you're angry... just like an avenging angel.
Myrtle Bagot: I'll give you avenging angel!... Coming in here taking liberties!
Albert Godby: I thought last Monday, you said you wouldn't object to a friendly little slap.
Myrtle Bagot: Never mind about last Monday... I'm on duty now. And I should think to what would happen if Mr. Saunders should be looking through the window.
Albert Godby: Well, if Mr. Saunders happens to be looking through the window its about time he saw something worth looking at.
Myrtle Bagot: You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
Albert Godby: Oh, it's high spirit... don't be mad at me.
Myrtle Bagot: "High spirit" - indeed. Take your tea and be quiet.
Albert Godby: It's all your fault really.
Myrtle Bagot: I don't know to what your referring!
Albert Godby: ...I was thinking about tonight?
Myrtle Bagot: If you don't learn to behave yourself - there won't be a tonight. Or any other night either.
Albert Godby: Give us a kiss.
Myrtle Bagot: I'll do no such thing, the lady might see us!
Albert Godby: Come on a quick one across the counter!
Myrtle Bagot: Albert, stop it!
Albert Godby: [takes hold of her arms] Come on!
Myrtle Bagot: Let go of me, this minute Albert!
[he knocks over a plate of something]
Myrtle Bagot: look at me bamberys all over the floor!
Bill, First Soldier: [Bill walks in] Just in time - or born in the vestry.
Myrtle Bagot: You shut your mouth - and help Mr. Godby pick up 'em cakes! Come along now! What are you standing there gaping at?

Dolly Messiter: Have you any brandy?
Myrtle Bagot: I'm afraid it's out of hours.
Dolly Messiter: Oh surely, if somebody's feeling ill?
Laura Jesson: I'm alright, really.
Dolly Messiter: Just a sip of brandy will buck you up.
[to Myrtle]
Dolly Messiter: Please.
Myrtle Bagot: Very well.
Dolly Messiter: How much?
Myrtle Bagot: Ten pence, please.

Myrtle Bagot: I'm sorry, my license does not permit me to serve alcohol out of hours, that's final. You wouldn't want to get me in trouble, would you?
Bill, First Soldier: Just give us that chance, lady. That's all we ask. Just give us the chance.

Myrtle Bagot: Beryl, ask Mr. Godby to come here for a moment, will you?
Beryl Walters, Tea Room Assistant: Yes, Mrs. Bagot.
Bill, First Soldier: And who's he waiting to come?
Myrtle Bagot: You'll soon see! Coming here, cheeking me!
Johnnie, Second Soldier: Come on, here, mother, be a pal.
Myrtle Bagot: I'll give you mother! You saucy upstart!
Bill, First Soldier: Who you callin' an upstart?
Myrtle Bagot: You! And I'll trouble you get out of here double quick! Disturbing the customers and making a nuisance of yourselves.
Johnnie, Second Soldier: Hey, where's the fire? Where's the fire?