Ramona Calvert
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Ramona Calvert (Character)
from Hope Floats (1998)

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Hope Floats (1998)
Ramona Calvert: Hey, I am still your mama, Missy. You move it!

Ramona Calvert: Look at me. My life has no meaning or direction, and I'm happy.

Birdee Pruitt: You just never liked Bill.
Ramona Calvert: Oh, I like all of God's creatures; I just like some of them better stuffed. And he's one of them.

Ramona Calvert: [of Travis in his frog costume] Look at me. My life has no meaning or direction, and I'm happy. Look at Kermit there. You think it's easy being green?

Ramona Calvert: You smell just delicious, Justin, you wearin' cologne?
Justin Matisse: Naw, just sweat with a little paint thinner mixed in.

Ramona Calvert: Boy, she had a face on her like a bucket of worms.

Ramona Calvert: Mothers always love their daughters, even if they show it poorly.

Ramona Calvert: You have a birthday coming up. You want to tell me what you wish for?
Bernice Pruitt: No.
Ramona Calvert: No? Well that's all right; I'll figure it out with my Grandma magic.