Bernice Pruitt
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Bernice Pruitt (Character)
from Hope Floats (1998)

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Hope Floats (1998)
Bernice Pruitt: Mom, are you gonna marry Justin Matisse?
Birdee Pruitt: Oh, honey, I'm not planning on getting married again for along time. What, you don't like Justin?
Bernice Pruitt: No, it's not that. It's just that...
Birdee Pruitt: What is it? You can tell me.
Bernice Pruitt: I just don't want to be known as Bernice Matisse!

Bernice Pruitt: Is this where you were "cream of corn"?
Birdee Pruitt: "Queen of Corn," honey. Three years runnin'. A feat unsurpassed in the history of Smithville.

Bernice Pruitt: My dad says that childhood is the happiest time of my life. But, I think he's wrong. I think my mom's right. She says that...
[Bernice's voice fades as Birdee takes over]
Birdee Pruitt: [laughing] Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome. That's what momma always says. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will, too...

Bernice Pruitt: At home we had a pet skunk. Mama used to call it Justin Matisse. Do you think that's just a coincidence? All day long she would to scream, "You stink Justin Matisse!" Then one day she just picked up a club and killed it.
Justin Matisse: Now that's a sad story.
Bernice Pruitt: If you liked the skunk, which we didn't.

Bernice Pruitt: Please don't have a talk with her mother. I'd rather die.
Travis: Don't worry. You will.

Ramona Calvert: You have a birthday coming up. You want to tell me what you wish for?
Bernice Pruitt: No.
Ramona Calvert: No? Well that's all right; I'll figure it out with my Grandma magic.

Bill Pruitt: [Bill is leaving the Calvert house, Bernice is following him with her bag... he takes her wrist] Bernice, what do you think you're doing?
Bernice Pruitt: I'm going with you.
Bill Pruitt: Honey, that's impossible.
Bernice Pruitt: But I'm going with you.
Bill Pruitt: No, you've got to stay here with your mama. Birdee, you gonna help me out here?
[Birdee is silent]
Bernice Pruitt: You told me you wanted me with you, remember?
Bill Pruitt: Listen, honey. I've gotta go. Now don't do this to yourself, OK? Don't make a scene. Now go on back inside, go ahead.
[Bernice defiantly follows him to his car, where he opens the trunk. She throws his bag in with his, he takes hers out and puts in on the ground]
Bernice Pruitt: Stop it, daddy!
Bill Pruitt: Bernice, you know I'd take you with me if I could.
Bernice Pruitt: You can!
Bill Pruitt: Try to understand, baby. Connie and I, we need this time to ourselves, to try and make a go of it. Then I'll come back for you. I promise, I promise, I promise!
[Birdee looks on; fighting tears]
Bill Pruitt: Now go on inside, please!
Bernice Pruitt: You want me! You wrote it in your letter!
Bernice Pruitt: Please, let me in! YOU WANT ME!
Bill Pruitt: [tearfully] I'll always want you, Bernice. You're my little princess! But your mama, she needs you... and you need her!
Bernice Pruitt: [wailing] No I don't! I need you!
[sobbing continues]
Bill Pruitt: I love you, Princess... I gotta go!
[blows horn and drives off]
[Bernice is sobbing hysterically by this time, Birdee picks her up and carries her into the house]
Bernice Pruitt: I WANT MY DADDY!

Bernice Pruitt: [Bernice and Birdee are in Bernice's room after Bill has left... Bernice is on her bed and has finished crying] Why did you pretend that letter was from Daddy?
Birdee Pruitt: What an imagination you have.
[climbs onto Bernice's bed and lays by her side]
Birdee Pruitt: You know, I always thought I was gonna be, I don't know, special. But I'm not. I'm just... I'm just an ordinary person. And that's OK. Because... you make me special. Don't you know that? Don't you know that you're everything in this world to me? And we're gonna make it through this because we are a team. Birdee and Bernice, the coolest chicks in Smithville. So don't you ever think about leaving me again... because I need you. I love you.
Bernice Pruitt: [quietly] I love you too.
Birdee Pruitt: Good.
[they embrace]